Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Oh, this is the spoliery kind of review, so... SPOILER ALERT

As it has been said many times, it is really a miracle that Deadpool is even a movie. By sheer force of will, it seems Ryan Reynolds was able to push through a film that is ground breaking in many respects even though it is a simple revenge story with what is still (though that may change now) cult favorite character. Impressive making 150 million over the Valentines/Presidents day weekend, Deadpool is now that highest grossing movie with a February premier, highest grossing rated R premier, and highest grossing X-Men movie premier. It also opened better then the first Spider-Man film and Man of Steel. And all this with a budget of only $58 million.

So for the uninitiated, who is Deadpool? This simple story is that Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), an ex-special operations soldier who worked as a mercenary got cancer, volunteered for a super soldier program that was supposed to cure his cancer, and got really messed up in the process. In the comics, Deadpool got his extreme healing ability from Wolverine's (aka Logan/Hugh Jackman in the movies) DNA. In the film Wade's latent mutant powers were activated through extreme experimentation. In the comics, and in the film as it seems but is not explicitly stated, Wade is not cured of cancer. The cancer spreads throughout his body at an inhuman rate and his mutant healing powers are constantly fighting it. This has the effect of giving Wade his physical deformities, looking like a burn victim. Or as stated in the previews, "You look like an avocado had sex with an older avocado."

You have probably heard by this point that the film is hilarious. And it is. It is also great for the numerous pop culture references (that might go over the heads of the younger audience) as well as direct references to Ryan Reynolds himself, the much hated Green Lantern film, and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film where Deadpool first appeared on screen. There is a lot there for the hard core comic and Deadpool fans to love, but most of the jokes are not so obscure that a normal person can't enjoy the film. A lot Deadpool's story comes directly from the comic, featuring characters like Weasel (T.J. Miller), Blind Al (Leslie Uggams), and featuring the bar where Wade hung out a lot and received his contracts. The villain Ajax/Francis (Ed Skrein) also comes directly out of Deadpool's comic book origin story.

When the movie was revealed to be R rated, I was a little worried about the language factor. It happens with a lot of things that when license is given to use foul language it like giving a kid permission to cuss. It just gets over used and becomes a crutch to be "edgy." I was happy to see that this was not the case. If there is an appropriate level of cussing that would take place in real world situations, Deadpool struck that balance dead on. My only beef is the nudity. Yeah, okay, I am a bit of a prude when it comes to stuff like that. The nudity in question comes along with Stan Lee's most bizarre film cameo ever. No, he isn't nude. Stan is the DJ of a strip club. And it being a strip club, there is blatant nudity. Wade goes there to find his girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin), when he finds out the bad guys are after her. He doesn't get there in time of course. But back to the strippers. Two things, I've real a lot of the Deadpool comics, and sexual humor and situations are not a rarity. It adds to the weird charm of Deadpool. But there was no nudity. Although I cannot speak for the MAX line of comics that features Deadpool and a few other character that is not meant for younger readers. It just seemed like an excuse to get naked women on camera. Secondly, this being a "super hero" film and all, this is what had to be what the "real" world is like? Anyway, that is all I have to say on the topic. It's a flaw in the film in my opinion, but not something that ruins a movie that is spectacular. The only other issue is that all the previews prior to the film's release gave away a lot of the jokes.

So back to the good things. Pairing Deadpool with Collosus (Stefan Kapičić) was fantastic. Especially when this version of Collosus was a huge boy scout. So much of a boyscout that he even took a pause in battle to let his opponent, Angel Dust (Gina Carano), know that her breast had popped out. Angel Dust thought it was a real sweet gesture. Then she hit him. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), and yest that is the character's name, was pretty awesome for the small amount of time she was on screen. These two official X-Men characters also solidify Deadpool as being in the X-Men universe and will not doubt lead to Wade appear in other X-films and hopefully other X-Men stars making cameos in his film franchise. With this film's success, Deadpool is going to be a franchise.

Directed by Tim Miller, Deadpool is a fantastic film that blows out the mold for superhero movies. It even breaks the 4th wall x16. (If you saw the movie, you'll get it. If not, you'll get it when you do see it.) And this is a hard R film, so leave the kids at home. (Not that that stopped some people.) Oh, did anyone notice the decommissioned aircraft carrier where the final battle took places looked kind of like a hellicarrier? It was also nice to see Bob. (comic reference)