Friday, October 2, 2015

Mystery Babylon 3 - 4

So... the apocalypse is happening. Well, the Final Apocalypse. One apocalypse already happened and at some point the demons of Hell were sealed up in the Pit by Kick Girl. Her psycho ex, Kill Boy, kinda got sealed up in there too. Things were supposed to stay that way. Kick's biggest problem should have been living anonymously for the rest of eternity. But of course there had to be a prophesy that she would open the pit and there has to be a weird cult that wanted her to do it. And as much as she wanted to keep things all sealed up nice and neat... Well it's not her fault the Final Apocalypse has begun.

Needless to say, the forces of good are taken by surprise and don't quite have a good handle on the situation. Kick girl finds herself still stuck with Zero, the priest who is still way out of his league out in the world who manages to get by because Red, an angel of Heaven, seems to like him. Kick also now has the company of Delilah, former leader of the cult who wanted Kick to open the pit. Now that the Pit is open, the Final Apocalypse isn't exactly turning out how Delilah thought it would. There is also the not so minor problem that Kill Boy is out of the Pit as well and is on a Terminator like mission to kill Kick.

The fun still hasn't stopped in the pages of Mystery Babylon. Val Hochberg (Val Brazier now actually) has stayed consistent in this post-post-apocalyptic tale of Kick Girl, which is very loosely inspired by the Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelation. It doesn't seem like the most likely place of inspiration for an anime style comic wit a lot of humor, but it works.

As luck would have it, Val attended Alamo City Comic Con again where I picked up chapters 3 and four of the web series. I enjoyed the first two chapters and  was looking forward to collecting the next two. I'm kind of old school, I like holding paper in my hands. Despite the ominous inspiration for the series, it is essentially a humorous buddy cop/road trip kind of story. No, Kick and Zero are not cops. But the story has that element of two people from different backgrounds with different personalities being forced to work together and eventually they will be best buds..... Or at least Kick is developing some sort of reluctant grudging respect for Zero. Zero just sees her as his best friend because that's how Zero is. We're also getting more flashes of Kick Girl's back story and what life was like before The Pit got sealed. The time between the Apocalypse and the Final Apocalypse seemed to settle down and get pretty normal. There was enough time for society to bounce back. The picture of what happened before Kick's story pick up in Chapter 1 one keeps getting be filled in as the series continues. In Chapter 4 we even get to see Kick's old place.

While there is an over all arc to the story, it seems as though at best this is possibly the beginning of the midway point. Maybe. But I'd bet on the series continuing for quite a while. Val has said before that there is no exact timeline for how things will happen. Besides, there is still a lot of good stuff going on right now. Look for the pages of Chapter 5 online as they are released on

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