Friday, October 16, 2015

FX picks up Y: The Last Man

I’ve been talking about it. If you are a fan, you’ve been talking about it. Now it’s finally going to happen. After years in movie land development hell, Y: The Last Man might finally show up where it should have all along, on television. The FX network has picked up Y: The Last Man for development. Created by Brian K. Vaughn. Y is about Yorick Brown, the only human male survivor of a plague that wiped out all male life on the planet in a bloody instant. The only other male survivor is his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. He is on a mission... to find his girlfriend. Keeping him alive and humoring him along the way are a group of women trying to save the the human species.

Two things may directly contribute to Y actually making it into production. First, The Walking Dead. While hit zombie series hay yet to get any love from any award show, MILLIONS watch the post-apocalyptic series. And like TWD, Y has a lot of diverse characters and a great story that could hook viewers. Second, Mad Max: Fury Road. It was labeled a feminist movie (which could be valid, but I just thought it was a great action film), but beyond a few guys on the internet, no one cared. Y is a story with only one male in it. The entire cast, leading and supporting, is female. And TV viewers will be introduced to Agent 355. Think TWD's Michone as a secret agent with special operations military training.

Hopefully if it does go into production the series will mirror The Walking Dead in character building. Because the characters are what will sell the series. It's post-apocalyptic, but there are no monsters. Essentially, Y is one long road film with many character studies. The cast of characters are very interesting, but if not done right, a TV series could feel flat. What it also has going for it is that the characters are racially diverse and the story crisscrosses the United States and takes us to different countries. It would gives us looks into how different people and other cultures would deal with a global crisis. The series has the potential to be groundbreaking drama. There is definitely humor and some action. But what made the series fantastic is the characters. Hopefully FX will bring it to life and pull it off.

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