Thursday, October 22, 2015

Could Identity Crisis make it to film?

Would DC and Warner Brothers be brave enough to film Identity Crisis? Odds are no. But lets break this down a little. Marvel has unquestionably set the bar high with The Avengers franchise. DC is understandably building it's own Justice League franchise in response. And why wouldn't they? Fans want it and it's just good business. Even though the Justice League universe was started with Man of Steel, it won't really start to form until the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will also introduce Wonder Woman and Aquaman. As for other characters, rumors are pointing to Doomsday as being the force that brings everyone together. But that is just a rumor at this point. Warner Brothers is also expending the DC cinematic universe with the Suicide Squad film. So we have the Justice League origin story ready to go. But where to from there?

As is the case with MARVEL, there is a lot of iconic source material to choose from. Honestly I hope Kingdom Come will eventually be filmed. If it happens at all, it will not be the first story DC approves. And it's more like a years down the road, Infinity War kind of thing. But another part of me wonders if another direction could be taken. What if DC tried to tell a story that was more personal? Something that is very humanizing. What if they chose to adapt Identity Crisis? If you didn't read that miniseries, it is really good. The spoiler free description is someone kills the wife of one hero and threatens the lives of the loves ones of other heroes. Some heroes and loved ones don't make to the end.

The story reveals dark secrets and decision that question the ethics and moral standing of the League. The question is would people want to see their favorite characters in a murder mystery thriller? It could be done with a similar tone as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There wasn't a whole lot of super powers in that one and it was brilliant. It would also take the introduction of a few more League members to fill out the story. Identity Crisis on film is a long shot at best. At most we might get moments inspired from the story or subtle nods to it. But in another world, it would be a fantastic film.

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