Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Claremont and the X-Men Films

Chris Claremont wrote key moments in the history of the X-Men that continue to influence the Marvel universe. It is no surprise that the X-Men film universe has been influenced by him as well. X2 (X-Men: United), the squeal to the first X-Men film,  was inspired by the graphic novel, God Loves, Man Kills. The third movie, X-Men: The Last Stand was loosely based on The Dark Phoenix Saga. X-Men: Days Of Future Past is based on a story of the same name that appeared in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. Even The Wolverine, the second Wolverine solo film, is based on the Wolverine limited series written by Claremont.

Claremont was the writer on Uncanny X-Men longer than any other writer. In his 17 years on the title he co-created a lot of the iconic and well known female characters that have become an important part of the films. Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Mystique, and Emma Frost can all thank Claremont for playing a role in their existences. Another character created by Claremont, Jubilee, will feature in the next X-Men film, Apocalypse. Claremont was also a creator for Sabretooth, Mister Sinister, Pyro, the Phoenix Force, and of course Gambit who will be getting his own solo film in 2016 with Channing Tatum playing the mutant Cajun.

There are many more Claremont stories that could be mined for screenplay material. The New Mutants, a title Claremont helped launch, has been green lit by FOX and will be written and directed by Josh Boon, director of The Fault In Our Stars. Demon Bear Saga anyone? If it follows the comic, The New Mutants will be a new young team of characters who could potentially carry the X-Men banner after the actors in the current films retire from the franchise.

Chris Claremont didn’t set out to make a career in comics. He wrote novels and hoped to become a Director when he began his career at Marvel as an editorial assistant. He has become one of the industry’s most influential and respected writers and creators. His work on the X-Men has become part of the foundation for one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises.

This is an updated version of an article I wrote for SciFiPulse.

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