Tuesday, October 27, 2015

5 Comic Book films Guillermo Del Toro should direct

Guillermo Del Toro has made a name for himself with dark fantasy and horror movies. Most notably Pan's Labyrinth and the Hellboy franchise. He also directed the sci-fi giant monster vs. giant robot action film, Pacific Rim. Del Toro also has many writing credits to his name. He has a talent for horror, supernatural, and humor. So as to not drag this out too much, here are 5 Comic Book films Guillermo Del Toro should direct:

1. Midnight Sons

There is a Justice League Dark film that was going to be directed by Del Toro, but he dropped out due to scheduling concerns. A similar potential project exists with Marvel. While they are not the Dark Avengers, The Midnight Sons are a supernatural team of Marvel heroes that have battled dark and demonic forces. I have mentioned a Midnight Sons film before as a potential Marvel film now that the rights to three key members are back under MARVEL Studios control (Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and Blade). Del Toro has done a Blade film already, FYI. Blade II. Just putting that out there.

2. Rat Queens

Rat Queens is begging for some sort of adaptation. Del Toro was close to directing The Hobbit films and Rat Queens would give him the opportunity to work his magic on a fantasy project that is kinds close... ish to middle Earth. Rat Queens is a little more edgy in tone and humor then Tolkein, but it would be pretty close to what he did with Hellboy. Dee, Betty, Hannah, and Violet are a team that parties as hard as (if not more so) than they fight. And they are the best around at getting things done. Magic, mayhem, mystical creatures, monsters, giant god squids in the sky, and some drug humor. It would be epic.

3. Joe the Barbarian

I have raved about this series too. It's kind of like a darker Never Ending Story. So imagine what that film would be like if Guillermo Del Toro directed it. He has already done a film with a young protagonist in Pan's Labyrinth. This story of Joe, a teen diabetic who starts to hallucinate after his blood sugar gets too low, is an epic story filled with amazing creatures and characters. Joe goes on a quest with his rat guardian Jack to save his home and protect a fantasy world of toys from King Death. And who wouldn't want to see Doug Jones bring an human sized armored warrior rat to life?

4. The New Mutants: Demon Bear Saga

A New Mutants film is in the works at Fox already. But Del Toro could add a new dark spin on the X-Men universe. This would be a second or third film in a franchise. The Demon Bear killed the parents of New Mutants member, Danielle Moonstar, and then came after her. It has the ability to transform people into demonic Native American warriors and does so when the whole team comes to Moonstar's aid. The story was written by Chris Claremont so you know it is good already. Del Toro could do wonders with this story.

5. NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind

Yeah. Let your mind consider this one for a bit. Guillermo Del Toro filming a live action version of a Hayao Miyazaki classic. If this one doesn't fan the flames of your inner fanboy/girl you are either lying to yourself or you are dead inside. NausicaƤ is the princess of a small kingdom that gets caught in the middle of a war between two larger nations. The world is already dying due to the spread of a toxic Forrest and the giant insects that inhabit it and now the conflict of two warring nations threatens the survival of the Valley of the Wind. Giant monsters, part fantasy, part dystopian future, and Del Toro has already given a nod to anime with Pacific Rim, this more than anything else could be huge if (huge IF) could ever happen. It is already a fantastic animated feature.

I doubt any of these project would happen with Del Toro being as busy as he his. Though, chances are these projects all could happen at some point. Again, The New Mutants is already on the slate at Fox.If sometime in the distant future when Guillermo Del Toro has free time between his own films and other big studio projects, maybe he could give one of these a shot.

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