Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ACCC 2015 Con Stuff

This year in addition to my normal convention review, I’m going to highlight various things my wife and I purchased from artist and vendors. We don’t always buy things at conventions, but I thought it would be good to show off what some people have to offer. Some vendors and artists can be found touring pretty regularly at many conventions while others stay pretty close to home. Each convention will have its own mix of local and national people selling things.

Digital Art Tree
Jamie Owen specializes in art and calligraphy on pages from books and newsprint. It gives the art a very unique look.
Facebook: Digital-Art-Tree

Jessica Von Braun
We’ve bought prints from Jessica before at other conventions. She covers a lot of different fandoms and genres with her unique style. Some prints can be found at every con she attends and some are limited editions.
Etsy: Solocosmo
Tumblr: Solocosmo
DeviantArt: Solocosmo
Twitter: @solocosmo

Marcus Rocco
We bought three small cards, but Marcus has plenty of larger prints. We'll probably be buying more form him in the future.
Twitter: @marcusrocco
Instagram: @marcusrocco

Val Hochberg
Val is an artist and writer. We’ve bought her prints before and I’ve been reviewing her web series. Mystery Babylon. This is just one print of many she has done covering various series, shows, and movies.
Twitter: @kickgirl
Tumblr: Kick-Girl

Gifts and Blessings
Though we only bought a crochet owl from Jed Marshall (made by his wife ), there are a lot more mand made and crafted items that can be purchased from Gifts and Blessings.

Katie Cook
Katie is the writer and artist of the comic Goonk. We bought these two small cards at the con, but she has larger prints, posters, as well as her comic for sale.
Twitter: @katiecandraw

Literary Alterations
There was a lot of things to look at. Jewelry, boxes... a lot. More custom work can be found on their site.

The Wolf and The Dragonfly
JR Warren and Meredith Voghtman specialize in custom jewelry and designs. These pendants were made using vintage stamps from around the world.

Each person or store had more things available. These are just the items we purchased at this convention. Check out their sites and visit their booths to see more.

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