Wednesday, July 15, 2015


A Goonies style supernatural adventure at a summer camp is what you will find in the pages of the first volume of Lumberjanes. The girls in Roanoke Cabin have a bad habit of sneaking out at night and finding trouble in the woods. Jo (learder of the group and most analytical/puzzle solving type of the group), April (most dramatic of the group, like to take notes and surprisingly good armwrestler), Molly (skilled archer, wears a racconskin hat), Mal (punk girl who is the most cautious member of the group who likes to plan and  watches WAY to much Discovery Channel), and Ripley (most childlike in the group and most prone to charge into danger) are Lumberjane Scouts at Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types.

(Jo, April, Molly, Ripley, Mal)
Jen (Roanoke Cabin’s scout-leader) has the joy of trying to keep the girls in her weirdo cabin in order, or at least alive and unharmed until the end of the summer. Taking that internship with the space program would have been less of a headache. But she had to stick it out with the girls. Unfortunately for her, camp scout-master Rosie does not seem too keen on backing up Jen’s concerns about the girls and knows a lot more of what is going on in the woods than she lets on.

As the series open, the girls fight a pack of supernatural three eyes foxes and get their first clue to something strange going on in the woods. In defeat the foxes howl, “Beware the Kitten Holy.” To quote Mal, “What the junk?” The adventure leads them to river monsters, secret caves, mysterious puzzles, possessed boy scouts, and even yetis.

Though intended as a limited series, it has caught on with fans and is continuing to who knows where. The humble beginnings started with Boom! Studios editor Shannon Watters hoping to create a girl centric comic series. With the help of writer Grace Ellis, co-writer Noel Stevenson and artist Brooke Allen were added to a team that created some magic. Magic that caught the attention of 20th Century Fox who optioned the property and brought in Will Widger to write a screenplay. The series also brought in two Eisner Awards at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Best New Series and Best Series for Teens (ages 13 - 17). It's a fun lighthearted series that teens, children, and even adults can enjoy. Volume 1 (collecting issues 1-4) is currently on sale. Vol. 2 will be available on October 20, 2015.

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