Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4 Down 2 To Go

The classic Marvel Comics miniseries, The Infinity Gauntlet, will unfold in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as the next two Avengers films, The Infinity War Part I and II. I’ve covered the hunt for the gems before and this is the update. To recap, there are six Infinity Gems: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Power, and Reality.

In simple terms, each has power that its name implies. When combined and in the control of one being, said being becomes a god. Of the six infinity gems, four have been confirmed. This is the official SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen Age of Ultron. I won’t saw why or how, but Thor has a vision that reveals which Infinity Stones we know of and why they don’t necessarily appear as they do in the comics. Having different colors from the comics is only a minor detail. Here is a breakdown of what we now know. Let’s start with the most recent.

The Mind Gem (Earth)

As some had speculated, the gem on Loki’s staff from the first Avengers film, is in fact the Mind Gem. And I have to admit, I thought it wasn’t an Infinity Gem at all at first because it was the same color as the Tesseract (more on that one in a bit). Although the gem on the staff itself was not the Mind Gem, it housed the Mind Gem. Ultron removed the gem from Loki’s staff. It is now in the possession of Vision, the latest Avenger who was just introduced to the MCU.

The Space Gem (Asgard)

In Captain America: The First Avenger we were introduced to the Tesseract. First thought to be a Cosmic Cube, another cosmic object in the Marvel Comics Universe, we now know it is the space gem, sort of. The Tesseract is actually an object that houses the Space Gem. Thor’s vision revealed this. The Tesseract is currently in Odin’s armory in Asguard.

The Reality Gem (Knowhere)

At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Sif and Volstagg deliver the Aether to The Collector. The Collector then confirms the Aether and the Tesseract to be Infinity Gems. Based on Thor’s vision, we know that somewhere, somehow, The Reality Gem was given the Aether’s living liquid form.

The Power Gem (Xandar)

Guardians Of The Galaxy has shown us the only Infinity Gem to have existed in its original form, the Power Gem. It is currently secured by the Nova Corps.

Although we know that Thanos is seeking out the gems, Thor is the first Avenger to figure out that someone is pulling the strings to bring them together. All there is left to find are the Soul and Time Gems. Of course there is no indication where the last two gems are or when and in which Marvel Cinematic Universe film they will show up. We also don't know how the Gems ended up in their current forms. Expect more clues in Phase 3 here and there.