Friday, December 12, 2014

The Lost Daughters of Gallifrey

Until the end of Series Eight, we had been under the impression of that The Doctor was the last of the Time Lords. Gallifrey had been lost in the final battle of the Time War and as far as he knew, every other Time Lord that had been alive was lost in that battle too. Of course what we didn’t know is that the planet was literally lost, hidden from the rest of existence by The Doctor. He didn’t know this until recently either. It's a long story if you have not seen the series. But even when we thought he was the last, there were still other Time Lords unaccounted for. Specifically The Doctor’s family. More specifically, his granddaughter and daughter.

In the very first episode of Doctor Who, over fifty years ago, we met a member of The Doctor’s family before we even met The Doctor himself. His granddaughter, Susan Foreman, was the first Time Lord on screen and his first companion. Like The Doctor, Susan is more than likely a name she chose to blend in. No Time Lord has ever used their given name. Anyway... She fell in love with a freedom fighter in the 22nd century but would not leave her grandfather. The 1st Doctor, believing that Susan deserved a different future, locked her out of the TARDIS and left her behind so she could have a better life. Besides appearances in books, radio dramas, and unpublished works, no reference to Susan having died has been made. She being a Time Lord would have 12 regenerations and therefore would go on living for centuries or longer. And I'm just assuming Susan was on her first life at the time. Theoretically she could have made it back to Gallifrey in a later regeneration if the timelines match up. That is, if she went back in time, right? Too much timey wimey stuff here. Either way, The Doctor has never referenced what happened to her after he left. That is if he knows at all. She could have been kicking around the various human civilizations over time for all we know. And then there is The Doctor's daughter/sort of clone, Jenny.

The 10th Doctor had a sample of his DNA forcibly removed by a "Progenation Machine" which remixed his DNA and out popped a fully grown Jenny, with added combat programming. The irony of course being that the Doctor isn't too fond of soldiers and he ends up with a soldier for a daughter. Initially not accepting his militaristic progeny, The Doctor came to accept Jenny after she demonstrated that she can move past her military programming. In the same episode, she was shot and failed to regenerate. The Doctor, believing she was dead left. She later came back to life, stole a ship, and shot off into space. Other then a brief appearance in a comic, nothing has been said of where she is or what she is doing. She is the only Time Lord not trapped on Gallifrey and no one knows she even exists. It's surprising no one has given her a spinoff series.

So.... there is also Missy.

Not a daughter of The Doctor, but definitely a daughter of Gallifrey. Missy (aka The Mistress) has known The Doctor longer then any of his enemies. They grew up together. As fans know, Missy is the latest regeneration of The Master. This is important because it's definite confirmation that gender is fluid for the Time Lord Species. This is The Master's first regeneration into a woman. That we know of anyway. She was "killed", but The Master/Mistress has been "killed" before. It appeared she was disintegrated, which is probably the only sure way to kill a Time Lord, but some have speculated it was most likely a teleport. Where The Master is concerned, nothing is certain unless there is a body. And even then I would never be too sure. But lets say she was just mortally wounded. Unless turning into Missy used up her 12th regeneration (Time Lords only get 12), The Master, or Mistress, or whichever gender he/she is at the moment, is still out there.

Which brings up a different point. If Susan and/or Jenny ever appear again, there is the possibility that they could be men. Wibbly wobbly applies to time as well as gender when it comes to Time Lords.

And of course with Gallifrey lost and not destroyed, there is also the outside chance we'll also meet other members of The Doctor's family. That is if the shows producers feel the need to use any of these characters in more then just a passing reference.

Feel free to message me/comment to correct any details. I'm a fan, by by no means an expert.

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