Friday, November 7, 2014


This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy. Well, it's about a girl who falls in love with a book series about a boy wizard and then writes her own fan fiction about the boy wizard falling in love with his nemesis. And then she falls in love with a boy.But a few more things happen before that. This is a love story. But it really comes down to a girl learning to love herself. Cather is living in the shadow of her sister, Wren. More so now that they have started college together. Well, it’s more like she thingks she is living in Wren’s shadow. Cath perceives Wren as being perfect and it is not until later that Cath realizes that Wren is as broken as she is. Wren just hides it better. Cather, who goes by Cath, and Wren are twins. They are identical in looks. But Wren is the outgoing one. Cath.... Writes a lot of fan fiction. Cath even got the awkward name in the let's name the twins deal. There was supposed to be one baby girl that was going to be named Catherine, but hey, twins. If you were ever the awkward one in life and wondered what it would be like if you were the "awesome" one, Cath has that.
Fangirl is Rainbow Rowell's third book. It's told from the perspective of Cath, who is trying to figure out out to live in a world where she is being forced to figure things out on her own. She can't depend on her sister who wants to live in a different dorm and be independent. Her dad has problems of his own. And her mom.... Well, lets just say she isn't in the picture. All she has is a roommate, Reagan, who adopts Cath as a new friend because Cath has no friends, Reagan's (friend, or boyfriend, or something or other that is complicated) Levi, who hangs out in their room a lot and can't seem to leave Cath alone. And she has Simon. The fictional boy wizard who Cath writes popular online fan fiction about, fanfic that has become very popular. In case you were curious, Simon Snow is an homage to Harry Potter.
 This not being a science fiction or fantasy novel, it's not typically something I would pick up and read. Not that I have a bias in literature, but I can barley keep up with the genres I have a habit of reading. Too many books and comics out there to keep track of. But Rowell is a favorite author of my wife, and she recommended reading one of Rainbow's books. And I'm glad she did. Rainbow is a fangirl and it shows in her writing. But that is not why I liked the book. It is a good story about someone going through that awkward phase of stepping out of childhood and feeling not very well equipped with dealing with the real world, let alone the other people living in the real world. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard. Especially if your comfort zone doesn't extend into social settings. It also explores the lure of wanting to live through a fictional world where tings are better. This is a story about how a young woman gets through her awkward phase by realizing we are all awkward in one way or another and that things just might get better when we let real people into are all to real lives.

And I realize I use "This is a story" a lot in this one.

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