Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ms. Marvel 6 and 7

The origin of the Bird Man is revealed. Ms. Marvel’s first nemesis is a clone of Thomas Edison whose DNA was contaminated by a cockatiel. Then the world of Kamala Khan gets bigger with her first official team up. Ms. Marvel gets #1 on her fantasy hero team-up bracket, Wolverine.  Wolverine is her Obi Wan… for a mission. As Sheikh Abdullah (leader of her mosque) told Kamala, when the student is ready, the master will appear. And her world gets no less weird navigating a sewer full of mutant alligators and Kamala gets to save Wolverine’s life. No, really. Wolverine is currently lacking his healing factor, so a shape shifting teen is his only hope.

Of course this is as much of a surprise for Logan who was obviously on his own mission to find a missing girl. Ms. Marvel crossing paths with Wolverine was a coincidence. And Wolverine knows what Kamala Khan is. And he also knows that she is more than all the other Inhuman descendants that were revealed when Thanos detonates a terrigen bomb on Earth. (Read the Infinity series from Marvel for details) Kamala still doesn’t know this of course. But she is now on the radar of the larger hero world, and more importantly, the royal court of the Inhumans (A race of super powered beings descended from humans that were experimented on by the Kree (long story)). But don’t take this as a sign that the comic will become more serious. Ms. Marvel is a fangirl and will remain so for a long time hopefully. And her next partner in crime fighting curfew breaking will be another fanboy/fangirl favorite. Kamala’s creators are keeping the tone firmly where it has been since the start.

Another constant in the story is how Kamala’s religion is treated as no different from any other. Kamala is a teen torn about her faith and the world around her. Sheikh Abdullah, who we don’t see much of in the series, is not a fire and brimstone religious leader like what we tend to see in the media. He is more like the wise Preacher or Priest in his church that knows kids will do their thing and all he can do is give them the best advice and wisdom he can and hope they live a good life. In a way, he was the master that Kamala needed and he was in her life the whole time. Again, it’s an image of a leader that is more common among Muslims than what we tend to hear about. After all, it’s the extreme ones that get the headlines and sound bites. It’s no different from the Christians. Stepping off the soapbox now.

Anyway…. What I really want to know is if someone is actually going to write all this fanfic that Kamala keeps mentioning. She gets serious fictional upvotes. Why not let us read her stories?

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