Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ms. Marvel across the formats

Ms. Marvel has become a star for Marvel Comics. So much so that a tweet by actress Eden Sher, who is on the sitcom The Middle, about being in New York and visiting Marvel sparked speculation that she was being cast as Kamala Khan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Of course she was just visiting Marvel in NY which is different from Marvel Studios, which is responsible for Marvel’s films and television shows. Celebrities visit Marvel Comics in New York all the time and pick up free comics. Side note, if I ever become famous I'm visiting Marvel as much as possible. But rampant net speculation is a sign of how big Ms. Marvel is becoming. Marvel has a special opportunity on its hands. And while I may not be a fan of how Marvel’s parent company, Disney, occasionally over markets it popular properties, Marvel is in a good position to take a page from Disney and further expand its fan base. Let's look at the options.

Marvels version of Super Best Friends Forever
At one time, Cartoon Network ran a few animated shorts called Super Best Friends Forever in it's DC Nation bloc of cartoons.

It consisted of Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl. It was very lighthearted and very funny. But unfortunately it did not last long. Marvel could steal DC’s one time thunder and make their own version of the series. I’m thinking:

Spider-Girl – May Parker
Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan
Jubilee – Jubilation Lee

The series needs to be light and I think these three characters would make it fun.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
It wouldn’t happen anytime soon. If at all, look for a Kamala Easter Egg in Phase 3 with the eventual Captain Marvel film. My guess would be in that Kamala will appear somewhere in the background. Well, what will probably happen is that two people in the background will look like Kamala and Bruno. Or maybe a reference to the Circle Q convenience store Bruno works at.

Standalone Animated series
DC and Marvel have done fairly well with animated series. And there was a time you could find a few Marvel heor cartoons on different channels. With the massive resources of Disney, a Ms. Marvel animated series on the Disney Channel or could do well.

Animated movie
This is probably the most likely place we will see Kamal Khan outside of the comics. Direct to DVD/BluRay animated features are common these days for superheroes. It would be the best place for Marvel to test the waters for other media options.

Kamala, Disney Princess?
Okay, hear me out. This is an extreme longshot at best. But either with traditional animation or with Pixar’s help, a Ms. Marvel animated feature could be something spectacular.
Disney Infinity
The popular game that features playable characters from across the Disney universe recently added Marvel characters. So in a game where you could play the Incredibles, the Avengers, Captain Jack Sparrow, and even classic Disney characters, could Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel be too far off? It is another way Disney and Marvel can test the waters for other media ventures.

Marvel and Disney have an amazing opportunity with Ms. Marvel. It's a safe bet that she will not be living in just the pages of a comic book for very long.


  1. I hope they do include her in other adaptations! It's been a great series so far! Kamala brings a new sense of diversity to the world of comics. :)

  2. Hopefully its only a matter of time.