Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ms. Marvel #5

Ms. Marvel #5 completes the first story arc and origin of Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel. Although, technically with five months in the job, I won’t be addressing her as “the new” anymore. She declared her name and has her costume set. In the last issue there was a standoff between Kamala and the teen thugs keeping Bruno’s brother Vic captive. Well, there was a lot of small robots with lasers too. And… it didn’t go well. Again.

Kamala realized she can’t be the charge in guns blazing hero. At least not yet. She is forced to retreat and rethink her strategy. Bruno helps her put the finishing touches on her costume and Kamala plays it smart this time. But in victory, she has also caught the attention of her first archenemy, the Inventor, who is reveled at the end. And in fitting with the tone of this series, the Inventor is also… the Birdman?

But this is Ms. Marvel and she is the guardian of Jersey City. "Don’t mess."

A new urban legend has taken stage in the Marvel Universe. The series in contrast to most titles, is crafted to also appeal to teen girls instead of just the male teen demographic most comics apply to. But don’t take that to mean this is a girls comic. In making Ms. Marvel more accessible to girls and women, Marvel has successful made a comic more accessible to a wider audience, including young males and grown up fanboys like myself. It’s just a fun read. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s the first new series I’ve collected in a while. And it looks like I’ll keep collecting

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