Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ms Marvel #4

(SPOILERS ahead for anyone who has not read)

Trying something new sometimes does not turn out well. And personally I should really try to pick up these issues as soon as they ship. But in Kamala Khan’s case, her first official outing as a masked hero got her shot. Funny enough she got shot by a kid trying an armed robbery for the first time. Fortunately, Kamala’s shape shifting gives her a certain amount of super healing. Unfortunately, she ends up her secret identity to her friend Bruno. Well, not before realizing that she had healing abilities. She reveals herself when she thought she still needed medical assistance. But hey, being a superhero has a learning curve.

So up till now, Kamala had assumed the form of her hero, Captain Marvel. Because as a fangirl, who else would she be? When her self labeled “second-best friend” who also secretly likes her a lot, Bruno, asks why be something everyone expects (i.e. blonde, perfect, etc.), Kamala finally tries to be herself and the new Ms. Marvel is officially born. To bad Bruno wasn't really as smooth as the description of the scene sounds. Now that Kamala is going to be her own person she needs a costume, obviously. Funny enough, the main part of her costume is made up of something she would never wear, a burkini. (Think about it. Swimwear that shows nothing.) It’s here that Kamala starts to look like the hero that has been advertised. She still has to sneak past a suspicious mother who thinks Kamala is going to parties. She did go to a party the first time. But that is besides the point.

Kamala still has room to grow just as any new hero would, especially a teen hero. Her biggest step so far has been the decision to be herself instead of the typical image of a hero. It’s not exactly a “with great responsibility…” type moment, but it is a sign of a larger effort to redefine what we recognize as heroes. We all know that great responsibility comes with great power and Ms. Marvel already has this in her head.Well, she has the fangirl fantasy of responsibility in her head. In her fist official "I am Ms. Marvel" gig she again finds that the real world doesn't work as smoothly as you hope.

The burden is on Kamala and her creators to keep up te momentum of this new series. Ms. Marvel could be on her way to stardom. Issue 5 will complete the first Ms. Marvel story arc. Her origin is just about done. Next is the building of her legend. Hopefully.

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