Monday, June 23, 2014

BAMF Girls Club

"When Buffy, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Michonne, and Bella move into one house, it's an utter BAMFgasm of awesomeness!"

Now that Hollywood seems to be getting the clue that strong female leads can sell at the box office, we will hopefully see the trend continue. Another benefit to this trend is that we are getting strong female led comedy. (Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, etc.) And this is translating to web series as well.

In August of 2012, Comediva (Comedy + diva) launched BAMF Girls Club.

Based on Oxygen Network's Bad Girls Club, the BAMF Girls Club basically gives us the fanfic version of what would happen if some of pop cultures favorite female characters lived in the same house in a reality show situation. (And this is comedy. Not THAT kind of fanfic.) On the off chance you do not recognize them, the BAMF Girls are:

Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) - Michelle Lang
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) - Amanda Troop
Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) - America Young
Lisbeth Salander (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) - Iselle Slome
Michonne (The Walking Dead) - Aliza Pearl
Bella Swan (Twilight) - Stephanie Bentley

The result has been hilarious and fantastic. And honestly I am overdue for writing something about the series. While Twilight's Bella Swan has been the focus of plenty of the jokes (it is pretty easy), Hermione has been a good source of jokes as well, and each BAMF has had their turn being satirized. Much fun has also been had with each of their movies and TV shows. Comediva molded these over the top versions of these characters very well. There have also been some memorable guest appearances by Game of Throne's Arya Stark, Buffy's witch BFF Willow (who turns into Hermione's hetero(???) crush), the 11th Doctor, and most recently, Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.

I wonder what other guest stars they have lined up. Maybe some original BAMFs in mentor type roles?  Ellen Ripley perhaps? Just a suggestion.

Seventeen episodes in and this series still has a lot of life in it and plenty more stories to tell and is easily one of the best and most entertaining web series out there. In a post The Guild world, I'm glad I still have the BAMF Girls Club to tune into. You can watch the series on Comediva's YouTube channel and read some additional BAMF Girls adventures in webcomic form at

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