Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where to find Babylon 5

If you are a Babylon 5 fan, unless you have the DVDs, you can't really get any of your friends into it. If you are a fan and you don't have the DVDs you are kind of hurting to begin with. And of course if you have a friend/acquaintance/BF/GF/spouse or any other kind of relation that is a B5 fanboy/fangirl,  and you want to give the series a try just to get this person to calm down, you might equally be out of luck. The DVDs of the 5 seasons and movies went out of print for a while and made things hard to pass on the B5 love and the series had remained off the air. Thanks Warner Brothers.

But it's not as dire as it used to be. I am pretty sure you fans out there have done this search already, but I put together this list anyway just to make it easier for you to either complete your collection and/or get others hooked on one of the best sci-fi shows to ever be on television.

View it for FREE:

Friends and Relatives:
If you are trustworthy enough for a friend or family member to let you borrow the seasons, you really should give B5 a chance.

Libraries  (In Texas)
If you can't be trusted to borrow a DVD or don't have anyone to lend you one, your local library might be able to help. It would take too much time research every the library collection of every city and town. But I will give you Texas, my home state. Now you are likely to find scratches and skipping on some disks, unless they were recent purchases. But if your library has Babylon 5 in the system, this is a FREE way to watch the series and show it/recommend it to friends. Again, emphasis on FREE.

These libraries carry Babylon 5. Tell me which others do and I'll add them to the list.

Austin Public Library
San Antonio Public Library
Fort Worth Public Library


As far as I can tell, from comments here and there, Netflix is not streaming B5 episodes, but the DVDs are available to rent.

You can buy episodes on Amazon Instant Video, Google play, and iTunes. I've also noticed that you can allegedly download episodes for free in some places, but I'm not going to test that out.

DVDs For sale:
Believe it or not, you can buy the seasons new. Amazon also has repackaged seasons. And sorry, ther is no Blu-Ray or plans for a Blu-Ray conversion. Here is a short list of the usual places.

Best Buy

This of course is not a complete list. That would take more time to do. But as you can see, Babylon 5 has become easier to find and watch, thanks mostly to the internet. And until Warner Brothers releases it for syndication on television, these are your choices.

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