Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ms. Marvel 2 and 3

It took me long enough to get back to the Ms. Marvel series. (REVIEW of #1 HERE) Long enough that issue #3 has been out for a little while already and #4 will be out soon. So to continue, the series is keeping up with the all promise and buzz from the first issue. Kamala if finding out that figuring out new super powers isn't so easy. SPOILERS ahead if you are not caught up.

#2 Kamala discovers that her shape shifting powers are not just a hallucination following the mysterious mist that covered a good portion of her hometown, Jersey City, which is a part of the Inhumanity crossover in Marvel comics. So basically, Kamala Khan is an Inhuman. Her origin as a masked hero, on the other hand, is still coming together. She is only beginning to take control of her powers. Kamala still finds herself defaulting to becoming the image of her hero, Carol Danvers, the first Ms. Marvel and current Captain Marvel. When she saves Zoe, her high school frenemy,  from drowning, Kamala takes on the image Carol Danvers' Ms. Marvel purely as a reflex. And of course, being that Kamala is not the kind of girl to sneak out, her first venture into rebellion goes bad on the normal level. Her parents are up, waiting for her. Being grounded is just one grand challenge many well-meaning young heroes have faced.

#3 The day after and she is beginning to realize being “special” isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Especially is you are a teenager in high school. She can’t confide in her parents, or brother, or best friend. She especially can’t talk to her other friend who tipped off her parents that she snuck out. This friend who happens to be a boy, Bruno, did this unforgivable act because he was worried about Kamala... Because he likes her... But he won't say anything and she doesn't notice it. So…. Talking to him is not going to happen. And of course her faith isn’t throwing her any kind of bone at this point. Then, when another teenager decides to try and pull off a not all that well thought out crime, Kamala decides to embrace being a hero and proceeds to make a not all that well thought out attempt to fight said crime. It doesn't end well for either.
I don’t want to give things away too much. Kamala is still trying to figure out who she is. And that’s just as an American teenager. Now she has this shape shifting super power that is just turning up the awkward up to 11. She hasn't even discovered that she has powers because soewhere alond the line one of her ancestors was an alien. So what better power then shape shifting as a metaphor for not knowing who you are or what you want to be? Kamala still has not taken on the image of the hero on the covers of this new Ms. Marvel series. She hasn’t even thought of what to call her super alter ego. We are still watching the future new Ms. Marvel growing into herself. I wouldn’t expect her to get things exactly right once she gets her costume settled. But I would expect her venture into the hero world to be more complicated than her fan fiction would lead her to believe. I would also expect this isn’t going to be the first time she gets grounded. I can't stress the Peter Parker parallels enough.

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