Friday, February 14, 2014

Spinoffs and other things that should happen

Spinoff series are nothing new and in some cases they become more popular than the originals. And as fan fiction shows us, there are plenty of stories and characters we wish would get their own series. Here is a few I wish would happen. I might be dropping some SPOILERS if you are not familiar with these shows. And I know, I know, I listed three Doctor Who spinoffs. But if you have seen Doctor Who, you would understand. It lends itself so well to spinoffs. There have already been three to my knowledge.

Time Bandits (Doctor Who)

It came up a while ago that while at an event for the CW’s Arrow series, John Barrowman and Alex Kingston met and thought it would be a good if Captain Jack and River Song had their own spinoff. Fan reaction was pretty much, “DO IT!”  You know this series would be all kinds of fun. The title Time Bandits already belongs to a cult classic film that I am a fan of, but honestly, it just feels right if this did become a series.

Valkyrie (Doctor Who)

While on one of his many adventures, the 10th Doctor had a daughter. Well, kind of. His daughter is actually a clone of the Doctor who was also programmed with military training. Jenny was born both a Time Lord and a soldier at birth. After it seemed like she died, Jenny returned to life and set off on her own adventures in space. But we never heard from the character again. Seems like there should be a story there. As for the title, it is apparently a Time Lord tradition to not use their given names and choose a name for themselves. Valkyrie seems like a good name for Jenny. Kinda interesting side note, David Tennant later married the actress who played his daughter on the show, Georgia Moffett.

The Paternoster Gang (Doctor Who)

Madam Vastra, Jenny (different Jenny) and Strax. A Silurian (reptilian race), a women from Victorian London, and a Sontaran (a cloned soldier race). They have been a topic of possible spinoff for a while and even the 11th Doctor himself, Matt Smith, has voiced his approval for this. They consult on crime and mysterious things in London the regular authorities can't handle. Vastra and Jenny are married and Strax is their slightly psychotic assistant. Aliens solving crimes in Victorian London sounds interesting to me. Though technically Strax is the only alien. The Silurians are native to Earth and predate humans.

Star Trek: Akira (Uh… Star Trek)

At some point Star Trek will return to television. Why not with characters we know. Nog, the first Ferengi in Star Fleet proved himself as a capable officer. In an alternate time line he was even shown to be a Captain in command of his own ship. Why not make give him command in a new series? As for the ship? A new class could always be made up, but why not use a design that we only got to see a little of and was a nod to an anime classic, Akira. The Akira class was developed at the same time as the U.S.S. Defiant also in preparation for action against the Borg. U.S.S. Akira has a nice ring to it. But no matter the ship or the crew, we need a new Trek series on the air. Oh, and for the hardcore nerds, I know the picture is not of the Akira. It's the USS Thunderchild. But it's the best picture I could find of an Akira class.

Alpha (Dollhouse)

Dollhouse is just one of those shows that didn’t get much of a chance. Plus it was created by Joss Whedon, before he was given The Avengers, and it was on FOX so it seemed like it was destined to be canceled. Alpha, played spectacularly by Alan Tudyk, was a serial killer who integrated all of the personalities (and their abilities) that he had been programmed with over time and rebelled in a violent fashion. While he started as a villain, the final episode, which took place in a dystopian future, showed that he had become an ally to Echo, the series heroin played by Eliza Dushku. Alpha was intelligent, highly skilled, prone to violence, and funny. We’ll never get a new episode of Firefly, but maybe we can get a new series from Joss Whedon with a Firefly alumni.

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