Monday, February 24, 2014

Review of Ms. Marvel #1

As usual when I try to write a review with something I have this tendency to overthink it. I want to sound really brilliant and insightful hoping people will be impressed and want to keep reading everything I write and share my writings with others. I just want people to like me, dammit. And therein lies the reason why the new Ms. Marvel is relatable. She just wants to fit in.

But trying to fit in as a teenager can be a tricky thing. Kamala Khan comes from a conservative family. Yeah, hers is a Muslim family, but that does not make them any more or less religious than anyone else. Muslims are not the only ones who don’t want their daughters staying out late and partying with the others kids. And they certainly not the only ones who want to keep their teenage daughters away from teenage boys. Her name, religion, and families’ nationality are an obstacle in the harsh world of teenage culture. But her biggest issue to being accepted into the popular crowd isn’t her background. She could rebel against all that. Her biggest problem is self-created. She is a fan girl. Though the jury is still out on weather being a nerd is a choice or something we are born as. Again, anyway…. Kamala writes fan fic online about the Avengers, which apparently has almost 1000 votes on (not real)

Ms. Marvel #1 introduces us to this new hero who has a ways to go to figuring herself out. And she just wants the popular kids to like her. Her family likes her, and loves her. But they are her family so that doesn’t count. She also has a friend, who is a boy, who likes her. He just can’t say it and she just can’t see it. Ah the clich├ęs of teen life. We do not get to see Kamala as the new Ms. Marvel in this first issue. But it does a good job of showing us who Kamala is. She is Peter Parker before he was Spider-Man. Ms. Marvel has a long journey ahead of her. And like a lot of us when we are teenagers (and sometimes as adults), what she wants does not turn out the way she thinks.

It's a great start and since her story is her own and not yet part of a larger continuity, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start reading a comic.

Thanks to my wife for helping me focus my thoughts. You can read her thoughts on Ms. Marvel # 1 here: OwlAllowIt: My thoughts thoughts that occurred after reading Ms. Marvel #1 

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