Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why Y will not be a movie

A little while ago I wrote about why I think Y: The Last Man would be great if adapted as a television series. That was not going to happen because New Line Cinema owned the rights to Y and had every intention of making a movie and no doubt a trilogy. However the film has not moved beyond the script phase and if New Line does not put a film into production within the next few months, the rights to the property will revert back to writer and creator Brian K. Vaughn.

There is the chance that New Line could rush a film into production, but so far that does not seem like it will happen and honestly, who wants to see this story get rushed into anything. The news does seem bad in that Y: The Last Man will soon not be in the hands of a studio and we will be no closer to seeing a live action version of the story, but to me things are not so grim. For one, the creator of the series will be in full control of his creation, which is always a good thing. But this also gives a television studio the chance to pick up the rights and make a series. Comic book properties are popular and profitable right now and Y is similar in some ways to The Walking Dead. It’s not as grim as TWD but it is as gripping and can be as gritty.

In another important fact, it will give actresses a chance to shine as there is literally only one man in the world. While Yorick is the main character, he admittedly can’t survive without the strong women around him in this would where the males of every species are no longer alive. It’s a very interesting opportunity for a network to put up a female dominated series with a fantastic story that has an existing fanbase. (And yes I appreciate the irony in that I have no inages of the female characters here. At the time of this writing good ones are hard to find.)

The question is, will any network or studio step up and give Y: The Last Man a chance.

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