Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh, Hell

A couple is at their wit’s end in dealing with their adopted daughter. She is disrespectful, rebellious, ungrateful… What more could parents want? They are backed into a corner and see no other choice than to hand their daughter over to a reform school known as The Academy. It promises that it can turn their daughter around. For Zoel, the teen who was abandoned in a dumpster as a newborn, she is being abandoned again. Little do these desperate parents and their daughter know, the school will literally be Hell.

Oh, Hell follows the journey of Zoel and the friends and enemies she makes at The Academy. In a way, it’s just like any other school in that you find every high school archetype. The princess, the jock, the nerd, the basket case… well, maybe in this case they are all kind of crazy in one way or another and in some cases more than one are criminals. They are all just stuck together in Hell. They also have to learn how to barter and steal souls for hell. If they fail, Hell will just be satisfied with their souls.

The concept of Oh, Hell is based on a twenty year old screenplay by writers George Wassil and Michael Connell. While people were impressed with the work and world that they created, like many screenplays, it never made enough traction to go anywhere. It needed a voice. Two years ago, Wassil was taking a sequential arts writing class at UCLA and received an assignment out of a hat to write a story about a fifteen year old girl. Unable to come up with a story, a solution presented itself. Put a fifteen year old girl into the world of hell that Wassil created with Connell. Zoel would become the voice and face of Oh, Hell. The other teen characters come from Wassil’s experiences working in schools and alternative incarceration for at risk youths. None of the characters are based on real people. They are more mashups of personalities he has encountered over the years.

The plan is to bring the pages of Oh, Hell to graphic novel form, but for now it will remain as a free online comic. All art and pages are on pace to be completed just before Christmas or by January\February of 2014 at the latest. A Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the graphic novel will begin during Emerald City Comic Con and close during C2E2. That is of course if a publisher does not pick it up before then which is entirely possible considering the quality of the writing and art.

Look for Oh Hell on shelves in the future and enjoy it for free right now at http://ohhellcomics.com/

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