Friday, January 31, 2014

iZombie on the CW

The CW network has officially ordered a pilot for iZombie, based on the award winning comic series, created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. The series follows Gwen, a zombie, trying to forge a new life as a member of the undead. She takes a job as a gravedigger in order to find fresh brains to feed on so she doesn’t have to prey on the living. This has the side affect of Gwen being visited by memories of those whose brain she ate and sometimes has to finished the unfinished business of the dead in order to get any peace. She lives with a ghost from the 1960s, Ellie, and a were-terrier, they nickname Spot. He is a were-terrier because he turns into a terrier instead of a wolf.

The comic series is quirky in that way and is very good and entertaining. But if you ar thinking it sounds kind of similar to Being Human (U.S. or UK version) you are right. The comic also has vampires. So, yeah, it is similar character wise, and humor wise. There are even geek references.

There are even secret groups of supernatural beings trying to gain control of things at one level or another. All the similarities might be the reason why the CW is taking a slightly different spin on the series. Right now, iZombie the TV series looks like it will have a more serious tone as it is taking more of the form of a police procedural. Think CSI crossed with Supernatural. Gwen will be a med student who takes a job in the coroners office to get her brain fix and shell be solving murders with the help of the medical examiner and another detective. Just as in the comic, this will be to quiet the voices of the dead after she eats their brains. So far there is nothing to indicate what other characters or events from the comic will appear. As the only news so far is that a pilot has been ordered, and what direction the story may take, anything about iZombie is pure speculation. I know some fans are worried just on the basis that the CW is involved, but no one will know for sure until the pilot airs. And I know I am worried about the spin the series is going to take on Gwen's story, but hopefully the CW and showrunners Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero (Veronica Mars) can deliver a great new series.

iZombie was published by DC's Vertigo imprint and you can find the complete run of the series in trade paperback form. There are only 4 TPB books so it's an easy story to pick up and collect. I recommend checking it out.

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