Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Franklin is key to X-Men/Fantastic Four film

The rumor of an X-Men/Fantastic Four movie has been on, then off, and then on again. An article in The Hollywood Reporter has put back on the on again status. Particularly with the sentence, “There are plans for X-Men to star in crossover movies with the Fantastic Four, Fox’s other property licensed from Marvel.” It’s not a surprise that Fox wants “to be like Marvel” with these franchises. The X-Men have been a success for them and a reboot of the FF will likely be another success if done right. With Marvel building a profitable foundation for its characters to meet each other on screen, why wouldn’t Fox give into the temptation with the characters they have licensed? The best part is that there is a precedence in the comics for X-Men/Fantastic Four stories. The question is, where to start? You can’t just have the FF randomly appear in an X-film. But you can hint at them and mention them. The best part is, there is a perfect opportunity to do so in the upcoming Days Of Future Past. Fans of the comic will remember that the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm played a role in the X-Men’s time travel epic.

(image of Franklin not from Days Of Future Past)

How hard would it be to have a background character that was named Franklin Richards? As Franklin played only a small and not that significant role in the story, Fox could chose to have the character cameo in some way in the film. This could either be with an unknown actor or even a known actor. Either way the secret would be easy to conceal considering the character only need to appear on screen for a minute or to.

The X-Men and Fantastic Four have other adventures together in the comics, but the timing of the rumors and X-Men: Days Of Future Past is interesting. This is just speculation on my part, but with any Fantastic Four movies not showing up in the near future, an appearance by Franklin would be an easy way to generate buzz without having to have any FF casting or story at any stage of completion. It would also continue to generate buzz for Days Of Future Past after its premier. There is also the iconic panel in the comic where a field of gravestones mark the final resting places of X-Men and Fantastic Four members. It would be another easy reference to make. The ball is in Fox’s court. Choosing not to reference the FF in the next X-Men film will not hurt the movie and making any kind of FF reference can only help the studio in the long run.

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