Monday, November 25, 2013

Galacticon 4

Galactica fans and Browncoats unite, Galacticon 4 is all about Battlestar and Firefly. Yes, you heard that right.

In 2015, the Galacticon convention will invade the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington from July 31st to August 2nd. For anyone not familiar with this convention, it is typically a Battlestar con that happens every five years. But the next one is coming early. This year it was held in conjunction with the Comicpalooza convention in Houston, TX. You can read my review of Galacticon 3 HERE. But to sum up, it was fantastic. A lot, seriously A LOT, of the stars from the original and remained series were there including some of the stars of Caprica. And the VIP packages were well worth the price. The other VIPs and I got face time with the stars. I'm not talking about an autograph and a picture. Special events for the VIPs included hanging out with the stars at a hotel bar, among other things. Expect similar events at Galacticon 4. Now throw in the stars of Firefly and you are going to have the con experience of a lifetime. As far away as the convention is now, there is no news of who or what is scheduled. It is still in the planing stages. But if this year was any indication, the convention will not disappoint.

Currently the staff of Galacticon is fundraising to secure seed money to secure the location and get things in motion. They have established a page on RocketHub to help fund the project where you can pre-order various things depending on what level of donation you plan to give. You can find the page HERE.

To get more information abuot the con, go to

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