Monday, November 4, 2013

Ender’s Game

Fans of Ender’s Game have waited a long time to see Andrew Wiggin, AKA Ender, make his way through Battle School, Command School, and bring an end to the war with the Formics. If you do not want spoilers, stop reading now.

I enjoyed the movie even with the expected tweaks to the story. After all, any adaptation of any work will need to be altered in some way to fit into a feature film format. Ender’s story, to be told in every detail, would need at least need a TV miniseries to fit everything in. So for feature film purposes, ben was in Ender’s launch and Bernard was redeemed in the end and was a loyal member of Ender’s Dragon Army. The only real issue I had was that the film seemed edited down for time. At 114 minutes, it was enough to tell the story, but it felt rushed. Coupled with the fact that this adaptation of one of the greatest works of science fiction did not seem to get that big of a publicity push, the too short running time seems to me like an attempt by the studio to get the film out of the away and forget about the controversy involving Orson Scott Card’s opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. The film, to be done properly, should have had more than two hours to translate the epic scale of the story. The extra time would have also given us the opportunity to get to know the other members of the Dragon Army a little better. There were also a few details that would be lost on anyone who didn’t read the book. For instance, in the book the boy Ender fought at school, and Bonzo died. Facts that were kept from him so that he would not feel like he had become merciless like his brother, Peter. Also in the book, Bonzo does not die by accident when he attacks Ender. Ender defeats him in the same manner as his first fight. He made sure that no one would attack him again. The strategy that got him into Battle School in the first place. But that was a minor detail that did not take away from the movie. 

I consider it a successful adaptation of the book and really enjoyed it. Whether or not you have read the book, if you enjoy a good sci fi movie with young adults that does not involve any romantic YA drama, you will enjoy Enders Game.

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