Monday, November 25, 2013

Galacticon 4

Galactica fans and Browncoats unite, Galacticon 4 is all about Battlestar and Firefly. Yes, you heard that right.

In 2015, the Galacticon convention will invade the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington from July 31st to August 2nd. For anyone not familiar with this convention, it is typically a Battlestar con that happens every five years. But the next one is coming early. This year it was held in conjunction with the Comicpalooza convention in Houston, TX. You can read my review of Galacticon 3 HERE. But to sum up, it was fantastic. A lot, seriously A LOT, of the stars from the original and remained series were there including some of the stars of Caprica. And the VIP packages were well worth the price. The other VIPs and I got face time with the stars. I'm not talking about an autograph and a picture. Special events for the VIPs included hanging out with the stars at a hotel bar, among other things. Expect similar events at Galacticon 4. Now throw in the stars of Firefly and you are going to have the con experience of a lifetime. As far away as the convention is now, there is no news of who or what is scheduled. It is still in the planing stages. But if this year was any indication, the convention will not disappoint.

Currently the staff of Galacticon is fundraising to secure seed money to secure the location and get things in motion. They have established a page on RocketHub to help fund the project where you can pre-order various things depending on what level of donation you plan to give. You can find the page HERE.

To get more information abuot the con, go to

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Two down. Four to go.

In a previous ramble, I speculated that Marvel was going to bring the epic tale, The Infinity Gauntlet, to the big screen. Not that it was much of an intuitive leap of feat of reasoning. You got Thanos, the Gauntlet probably isn’t far behind. Thor: The Dark World confirms the hunt for the Infinity Gems and all but makes it official that Earth’s greatest heroes will eventually face Thanos after he becomes a god.
Here is where I give the official SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen The Dark World, or any of the Avengers related films for that matter.

Quick recap, there are six Infinity Gems: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Power, and Reality. Each has powers that their names imply. When combined and in the control of one being, said being becomes a god and Thanos demonstrated in the comics, like a god can change existence with the snap of the finger. At the end of Thor’s latest cinematic adventure, which was very good by the way, Sif (Jamie Alexander) and Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) deliver the weapon of the Dark Elves, the Aether, to the Collector (Benicio Del Toro). We’ll get to know the collector better in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy film. The important part of this action is because two Infinity Stones in the same location is dangerous. The Tesseract is identified as the other Infinity Stone. After Sif and Volstagg leave, the collector says, “One down, five to go.” Whether or not the Collector is collecting for Thanos is yet to seen. But the quest to unify the Stones is on.
Now comes the next question. Which stones do the Tesseract and the Aether represent? The Tesseract is easy enough to guess at. It’s primary function, other than a power source, is that it’s a transportation device. So let’s call it the Space stone. The Aether was referenced as a source of great power that cannot be destroyed. Powerful enough that it would have blacked out all of the universe had Malekith and the Dark Elves succeeded in their plans. So let’s just call it the Power stone. Or it will be anyway. It is also red, which is the color of the Power stone. The Space stone is purple, but the Tesseract being blue isn’t that far off. It will be interesting and not all that much of a surprise if another of the Infinity stones appears or is at least referenced in Guardians Of The Galaxy. This will all come together during Phase 3 of Marvels cinematic universe of course, at the earliest. Currently we just began Phase 2 with Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. We still have a few movies to go before these subplots bear fruit. But at least now we have a concrete idea of where all the bread crumbs are leading. And the fate of all of existence will be at stake.
You can read my previous guessing about The Infinity Gauntlet here: Is Marvel setting up the Infinity Gauntlet?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ender’s Game

Fans of Ender’s Game have waited a long time to see Andrew Wiggin, AKA Ender, make his way through Battle School, Command School, and bring an end to the war with the Formics. If you do not want spoilers, stop reading now.

I enjoyed the movie even with the expected tweaks to the story. After all, any adaptation of any work will need to be altered in some way to fit into a feature film format. Ender’s story, to be told in every detail, would need at least need a TV miniseries to fit everything in. So for feature film purposes, ben was in Ender’s launch and Bernard was redeemed in the end and was a loyal member of Ender’s Dragon Army. The only real issue I had was that the film seemed edited down for time. At 114 minutes, it was enough to tell the story, but it felt rushed. Coupled with the fact that this adaptation of one of the greatest works of science fiction did not seem to get that big of a publicity push, the too short running time seems to me like an attempt by the studio to get the film out of the away and forget about the controversy involving Orson Scott Card’s opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. The film, to be done properly, should have had more than two hours to translate the epic scale of the story. The extra time would have also given us the opportunity to get to know the other members of the Dragon Army a little better. There were also a few details that would be lost on anyone who didn’t read the book. For instance, in the book the boy Ender fought at school, and Bonzo died. Facts that were kept from him so that he would not feel like he had become merciless like his brother, Peter. Also in the book, Bonzo does not die by accident when he attacks Ender. Ender defeats him in the same manner as his first fight. He made sure that no one would attack him again. The strategy that got him into Battle School in the first place. But that was a minor detail that did not take away from the movie. 

I consider it a successful adaptation of the book and really enjoyed it. Whether or not you have read the book, if you enjoy a good sci fi movie with young adults that does not involve any romantic YA drama, you will enjoy Enders Game.