Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heroes? of Cosplay

When did cosplay get so serious? I have never been into cosplay. That is to say, I have never felt like doing it myself. I admire those who put the time and effort into their costumes and then go to cons to show them off. I respect that. It just never felt like something that I wanted to do. After watching SyFy’s Heores of Cosplay, it seems even more like something I will not do, at least on the competition level. Seriously, I thought cosplay was all about having fun.

To be fair, Heroes of Cosplay is a reality show, which is designed to attract an audience with a certain amount of drama, tension, interesting characters, and skin. The skin thing is probably bugged me the most. Other then the cattyness of some of the featured cosplayers. Aside from Holly and Jessica (of Crabcat Industries and featured in Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope), Cloe Dykstra (who some may recognize from her You Tube show Just Cos and also from being Chris Hardwick’s girlfriend), and Jesse (the only male featured in the series) the cosplayers seemed to have a habit of going for sex appeal as a means of scoring points in competition. This was not the case all the time wit all the people featured, but it was fairly common. Now I will say that I do respect pro cosplayer Yaya Han for the amount of detail and work she puts into her costumes and for turning her cosplay talent into a business. But she does tend to include ample cleavage into her detailed designs and a lot of her photos seem closer to nerd pinup then modeling.

As mentioned earlier, some of these women had the habit of acting like middle school girls. Nice, friendly, and positive when face to face but tearing each other down when backs are turned. Okay, so maybe there really only was one really specific example of this. If you saw the series you know who I am talking about. There was also that little conversation where it as stated that people should consider their body types when cosplaying because not everyone can pull off everything. I get it. Female drama is a selling factor in reality TV. And then there was the treatment of some of the husbands/boyfriends. In some cases these guys did a lot of the work and got all of the grief if something was not quite right. It didn’t help that plenty of the design ideas were conceived with little time to complete the projects before the start of the cosplay contests.

The series was not all that bad. I’m just pointing out some things that I did not appreciate as a viewer. But nerd culture is supposed to be about acceptance, freedom, and friendship. At least I think it is. Well maybe except for those guys who have issues with women being nerds, but that is a whole different conversation. If there is a next season, maybe, hopefully, there will be less drama and snobbish behavior. Or at least maybe not so much will be edited in. It would also be nice to see at least one more male cosplayer in the future.

Please comment if you have any opinions and or disagreements.

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