Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Will we see the Midnight Sons rise?

Marvel has the rights to a lot of characters. Fortunately it has enough film rights to make Avengers films. With the Guardians Of The Galaxy, the brief Thanos cameo, and of course Thor, there is a huge cosmic element in the Marvel film universe. But there is also a Doctor Strange film in the works, which in a literal sense opens up a new dimension to this film universe. But how will Marvel exploit this supernatural opportunity?

Hopefully, the magic of Steven Strange will not be rewritten to be of only cosmic origin. There is a whole world of supernatural stories that Marvel could tell that would not have to involve the Avengers. Especially when they now have the rights to Blade, Ghost Rider, and their associated characters. Honestly, my first thought when Blade and the Rider were acquired by a company that already owns Doctor Strange was, “When do we get a Midnight sons film?”

Franchises such as Underworld and Resident Evil prove that there is a market for action/horror films. And ghost stories seem popular movie fodder as well. Now imagine what a supernatural/horror action thriller would be like with the kind of backing that the other Marvel films have received. The Blade franchise will no doubt be resurrected at some point and it is doubtful Ghost Rider will escape a reboot. These could do well on their own. But there is so much potential for a dark, magic, and monster oriented Avengers level film, could any studio resist? It would appeal to fans of different genres since it’s a blend of superhero and horror. Or it could be, anyway.

In all likeliness, if such a thing happens we won’t hear or see anything of it until Phase 3 of the Marvel movies. But if Phase 2, which stated with Iron Man 3, continues to be a success, especially into Avengers 2, expect the film universe to expand even more. And we'll hopefully see sooner rather then later if that expansion includes the darker corners of the Marvel universe.

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