Monday, July 29, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con AAR

There isn’t much I can say about Comic-Con that you would not hear from anyone else that has or will write about their experience. It is craziness, excitement, amazing, frustrating, and yes even fun. As I have written about in my preparation guide, you might want to plan ahead if you want to maximize your experience. And even when you have a plan, be prepared to change your plans and keep your eyes open for different opportunities.
The biggest thing at San Diego Comic-Con is Hall H. It is often where all the biggest panels will happen and where a lot, if not almost everyone will want to get into. Depending on the panel you want to see, or a panel that happens before or after the panel you want to see, you may have to wait hours just to get in. That is if you get in at all. Depending on the panel, like this year’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Panel, you had to be in line as early as 4:00 AM the morning of the panel if you wanted to get a seat in the back. If you wanted to be closer you had to stay overnight, outside the convention center. But there were other opportunities. On Thursday, you could have easily gotten into Hall H to see the panel for Ender’s Game and seen Harrison Ford’s sense of humor and previews of what has been labeled to most scientifically accurate science fiction movie ever, Europa Report. My wife and I walked into a barley existing Hall H line a little after 7 AM and sat in the second row.
But as you will always hear me say there are a lot of other panels that are good and you should really give them a chance. To many to list but you can certainly look them up. The dealer floor was crazy as usual and I am not ashamed to say that after ten minutes of trying to navigate the crows I no longer had any problems bumping people out of the way who were too busy tweeting to notice where they were going. If you can’t pull it over to the side to tweet, you’re asking to get bumped into. The Comic-Con/Hall H funk was also in full effect with some people. Seriously, take a shower. Don’t diminish the experience of others.
Basically, Comic-Con is controlled chaos with very little sleep. It can be fun and a fantastic experience. If you don’t like crowds or are claustrophobic, maybe not so much. And look for outside events such as w00tstock, Nerd HQ, The Nerdist Podcast, and the Geek & Sundry Lounge to round out your experience. You may go once and decide to never go again. But to me, it is an experience that every nerd/geek should have at least once.

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