Thursday, June 13, 2013

Willy Wonka is The Doctor

I know this just exists in the same world as fan fiction, but has anyone ever considered that Willy Wonka could be an unknown incarnation of The Doctor? Lets do the math. Eccentric in manner and dress, has a cheery and playful nature that masks underlying anger and regret, etc. You cannot tell me that this guy...

 ...would not fit in this lineup.

And based on the evidence, stuff like Wonkavision and the other gadgets in the chocolate factory have Time Lord technology written all over them.

Do we even need to discuss the Oompa-Loompas?

They are not of this world. Saving an entire species from extinction, hiding them, and keeping them employed? And giant geese that lay golden eggs filled with chocolate? The Doctor would never be involved in things like that.  And what is with saving a chocolate factory? Well, what if somehow the factory was necessary and critical to some future timeline?

Don't you think the Golden Tickets and selecting a child to run things fit in with something Doctorish? I mean, you wouldn’t really be surprised if The Doctor conceived of this kind of plan, would you?

I know this is just a funny little connection that I cooked up in my head. But it's a fun little thing to dwell on.

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