Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Devil, the Ghost, the Vigilante, and the Vampire

The film rights to four Marvel characters have been returned. While there are no new film plans for Dare Devil, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, and Blade, it’s fun to speculate what these characters could men for the Marvel Film Universe. It’s also fun to imagine which actors could take on these roles. Samuel L. Jackson proved that we don't have to be so traditional with casting. Even more interesting would be what a spin to the characters gender would be like.


Daredevil has never really been in any team role, but that does not mean Matt Murdock couldn’t pop up in an Avengers movie or at least cameo in a film of one of the Avengers members. It could even just be in his lawyer persona.

He has played crazy, comedic, dramatic, and combinations of all three. It would be very easy for Sam Rockwell to portray a blind lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night.

Okay, so he is mostly known for his role in Community, his stand-up, and for his rapper persona, Childish Gambino. But there was a push for Donald Glover to be the next Spider-Man. Why couldn’t he be the next Dare Devil?

She made her name as an ass kicker in Joss Whedons creations. Wouldn’t you be interested in seeing a Joss Whedon directed Daredevil movie with Eliza Dushku? You know it would be good.

Ghost Rider

So, the Rider had two Nick Cage films that could have been better. But the potential for a supernatural action thriller is still there. And since Marvel will be rolling out a Doctor Strange movie, there is potential for more Midnight Sons to make it on screen.

Viggo has kinda made a career out of playing mysterious drifters. Even as Aragorn he was the lone gunman/wanderer until he joined The Fellowship of the Ring. So I’d say he is a pretty natural choice.

His name hasn’t been headlining any huge roles lately, but he is still an accomplished and Oscar winning actor. I think it’s time for Cuba to have a leading role again and it would be interesting to see what he could do with Johnny Blaze.

I don’t recall a role where she has played a weak character. Considering she has done well at driving fast cars, is it that much of a stretch to see Michelle Rodriguez as a motorcycle daredevil with a soul owned by the devil?

The Punisher

First of all, I thought the Thomas Jane Punisher movie was good. And after one reboot, I think another movie will show up at some point down the line. Although the Punisher will likely not appear in an Avengers movie, he could pop up or be referenced in the movie of an Avengers member or in something S.H.I.E.L.D related.

He was one of the Rohirrim, a CIA assassin, Dredd, etc. He’s played a lot of dangerous men. Karl Urban could easily fill the role of Frank Castle.

An excellent actor who has played a variety of roles. You may have seen him in some supporting roles here and there. Scott Pilgrim fans will recognize him as one of the Vegan Police.

She was great as the love interest for Batman and has appeared in a lot of other good roles. She is also one of the few actresses out there who I think could be believable as a war veteran.


It’s hard not to think of Blade without thinking of Wesley Snipes. But that ship has sailed. We are well acquainted with Blade and know what he does. But would he be like in the Marvel Film Universe? Did I mention that in the comic books Blade has crossed paths with Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider?

To me, this is the obvious choice. He was Spawn, has proven he can do non-comic book roles, and has seven black belts. Yeah, seven. I think the guy can do Blade some justice.

I’ve always thought of him as underrated. Leguizamo has the range to play tortured and haunted as well as angry, crazy, and funny. He especially can play crazy and cool at the same time. Watch Romeo and Juliet if you need further proof.

She is currently Uhura, but she has also showed that she can handle fighting in Columbiana. She's also had fangs before, sort of, in Avatar. It would not be too much of stretch of the imagination to see her as the Daywalker.

I tried picking people who have not been involved in Marvel projects already. There may or may not be better choices for these roles. Some are more likely than other and some will never happen. Comments, questions, and suggestions are appreciated.

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