Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clara is the TARDIS

I had already put the theory out there that Clara is the TARDIS or at least a TARDIS. But I now I am going to break it down a little more.

1. She exist at different times. Conceivably she could be existing in every time period. It has not been addressed. But the only other thing that exists in all times is the TARDIS.

2. She always looks the same. The TARDIS always looks like a Police Box because it has a broken chameleon circuit.

3. She is always taking care of two children. Might be a bit of a stretch, but if Clara is the TARDIS, this is just old habit. The TARDIS is always taking care of the Doctor and a companion.

4. She is a natural with machines and computers. If you were the most advanced machine in all existance you'ld probably be able to be master over every other system too.

5. She trusts the Doctor. Clara just knows that she can trust him. And why not if they have been together for a very long time.

6. The TARDIS does not like her. Either the TARDIS recognizes a future version of itself removed from its machine form or it just senses that Clara represents something bad. The last time the spirit of the TARDIS was put into a body it almost died.

There are other theories out there but to me this makes the most sense. The answer is only known to those involved and possible those lucky few who are accidentally going to get their copies of Season 7 Part 2 early. That is if the Clara question s even answered this season.


Okay, so she isn't the TARDIS. Although for a while there it was looking like I may have been right. Not for nothing, I like my reason for Clara being the Impossible Girl a little more than what the real reason was. Oh well. On to the 50th.


  1. Have you considered that your hypothesis is simply out of sequence? Instead of the TARDIS becoming Clara, what if it is Clara that will become the TARDIS? The TARDIS does not always take the doctor where he wants to go, but always where he NEEDS to go (ep. Doctor's Wife). River's projection was only supposed to be possible with Clara as the conduit. After Clara jumped into the Doctor's time scare, River did not vanish (but the TARDIS was there--"Spoilers"). The first Doctor was completely fine with taking any random TARDIS, but Clara directed him to a very specific one...her. Clara has been converted to a mental computer projection more than once already (the dalek asylum and on earth), so we have been exposed to the possibility and can more easily accept it when it happens. Also, the visual interface dialogue between the TARDIS and Clara is likely quick foreshadowing (which the writers love to do).

    1. I did not consider that at all and I like your theory.

  2. I'm pretty sure we just saw Clara become the TARDIS when she went into the Doctor's time stream.