Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some of my favorite women in sci-fi

To me, science fiction has been a better vehicle for strong female characters that other genres. While male main characters still dominate the field, female characters can be just as strong and relevant in the stories as the men. And in some cases more so. But so this list does not get too long, I'll focus on TV and film.

Here are some of my favorites:

Sarah Connor

The woman who was once just a waitress became a skilled soldier. It does not matter if we are talking about the movies or the TV series, Sarah Connor was a tough women who was preparing herself and her son for the coming war with the machines. I don't know how tempted writers were to give Sarah more of a personal life and romantic interests, but I am glad they didn't. It makes her stronger sacrificing a life of her own so that her son could one day save humanity.

Ellen Ripley

She could have stayed home and tried to forget everything. No one would blame her. An alien killed her entire crew, she was left adrift in space for a long time, and when she finally returned home, her daughter had already died of old age and she had no more family. But she was the only person who knew what the alien threat was and the only person who had any kind of idea of how to deal with it. She walked into the heart of a living nightmare to save a girl she barley knew and even managed to save a Colonial Marine in the process.

Evey Hammond

Her story ark starts like how most of us would live. Things are bad in the world, but it’s easier to keep our heads down and not draw attention to ourselves. When the vail of her imprisonment is lifted (more like tortured) from her eyes, she finds her own path. V opened her eyes, but Evie still chose to live on her own terms. Later, it became her choice to free the world she knew and she did not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Susan Ivanova

God sent her. She is the right hand of vengeance and death incarnate. Not all the time. But if you really want to get on her bad side Ivanova will be the last living thing you will ever see. She also happens to be a good fighter pilot, great officer, and loyal friend anyone would be fortunate to have. Just remember, you would not want to fight her when she’s angry.

Donna Noble 

The only human Time Lord and arguably the best of the modern Doctor Who companions. If Donna were able to remain a Time Lord, her organizational and typing skills would have made her possibly a better She was the only modern female companion with no romantic tension and to me it freed up the stories to become more of a buddy action/mystery/comedy series. And the fact that there was no awkwardness between Donna and the Doctor allowed the relationship to become very close and made the end of Donna’s run even more tragic. 

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