Monday, April 15, 2013

Joe the Barbarian... Movie or TV?

Back in the summer of 2010, it was announced that Joe the Barbarian was being turned into a feature film. But there has not been any news since then. I’m hoping for two things:

  1. That it will progress out of what looks like development hell.
  2. If it does actually go into production, it will be good.
It is written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Sean Murphy. And if you have not read it yet, I suggest you do. Joe, a teenage boy, comes home from school and starts having hallucinations due to hypoglycemia. He falls into a world where his toys and other fantasy characters live. A world that is being destroyed by King Death. And of course, it's up to Joe to save this world. He is joined by a warrior rat, Jack, and a few other characters that are versions of people and things from the real world.

Think of it as a darker and more violent version of The Never Ending Story with maybe a little inspiration from the Fables series thrown in. His toys are mostly slightly different versions of characters we know and love.

Also, Joe the Barbarian was published by Vertigo, which is a DC imprint. Which is why DC characters will pop up in the background. The art is gritty, dark, and in some spots it reminds me of Blade Runner in it's style.

If a film doesn't work then I hope someone picks it up as a TV series. I'll make the same argument here that I made for a Y: The Last Man TV Series. There is a lot of details that will not make it into a film. Details that make a very rich and detailed world. It would also be interesting to see if DC would try an animated version of this. Either a direct to DVD animated film or an animated miniseries on TV/online streaming (Netflix?) could be another route to take if this title is brought to life outside print. I just hope something happens and hopefully sooner than later.

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  1. Incredible story ...needs to be read , seen, heard come to life ...please and done the right way