Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Convention safety after Boston

Unfortunately there are times when we are forced to remember how ugly the world can be. Times that make us see the world around us differently. The attack at the Boston Marathon has made a lot of us reconsider the security and safety of events with large crowds. It is especially a concern for those of us either attending a convention this year and/or are planning to attend one in the future. So where do we go from here?

I reached out to the organizers of the biggest conventions that us fans are eager to get into such as San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration, Wizard World, Galacticon, and Creation Entertainment. I did not ask for specifics on security and those who responded did not offer any. However, there is a consensus. We can all rest assured that the people who go through so much to bring us these fantastic events have our safely firmly in mind. Safety and security has always been a concern and they will be doing their best to keep us safe while at the same time trying not to lessen the experience for us.

As this recent tragedy has shown us, nothing involving a large crowd can be absolutely safe and secure. There are those out there who are determined to take the joy of life away from us. So how should we respond? The response is simple. First, refuse to live in fear. If we are too scared to leave our homes then there will no longer be things worth leaving our homes for. We must also be vigilant. If you see or think there is something suspicious, report it. You don’t have to make a scene, just find someone working for the convention or security, voice your concern, and continue enjoying what you came to enjoy. And please cooperate with security and convention organizers. I know some things can be a hassle, but realize these people have a lot more people to deal with then you do. The more we make their lives easier, the easier it will be for us to enjoy these cons that we spend good money on to attend.

The best thing you can do to stand with Boston is to stay standing in life and don’t be intimidated. Keep enjoying the things you love. Our world may have changed again, but that does not mean we have to shy away from it.

I send Boston and the victims and victim’s families my love any prayers.

I’d also like to thank the representatives of the conventions who responded to me. I appreciate them making time to do so.

To those of you taking the time to read this I say thank you and

Stay Standing

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