Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Marvel setting up the Infinity Gauntlet?

There is now an official “no” to the Planet Hulk story. As official as a “no” can be in Hollywood before a movie starts filming. But for the near future, the Hulk will not be the subject of Phase 2 and 3 of the Marvel film universe. So where is all this leading? We know from credits in The Avengers that Thanos will factor in somewhere.

But even before Thanos made his cameo in The Avengers, there was a hint at something hugely possible in Thor. In Odin’s armory there were several powerful weapons. The nerd savvy could identify them. One, which didn’t appear on screen, was the Infinity Gauntlet.

The promotional pictures of the items in the armory confirmed its presence. It even appeared in a glass case at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010.

But before we go further, if you had not read the miniseries of the same name, you might be wondering “What is the Infinity Gauntlet?” Basically, it is a glove adorned with the Infinity Gems. Six stones that together turn someone into a god. The stones are Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time, Power.

So does the existence of the Gauntlet confirm that Marvel will look to that miniseries, which was a massive crossover event that included and affected the entire Marvel universe, as the next big conflict? Not by itself. But lets look at the evidence. The premise of The Infinity Gauntlet was that Thanos gathered the gems to become a god in order to impress and court Mistress Death. She is a female character who is the embodiment of death in the Marvel universe. He is in love with and obsessed with her. In The Avengers, Thanos smiles when he is told that to attack humans “is to court death.” So was the smile because he is crazy or because Death is going to be a character in the Marvel film universe? He is crazy either way, but was that just a statement or a major name drop?

There are other hints to this cosmic war. The Guardians Of The Galaxy roster contains two characters that play a major role in Thanos comic back-story, Gamora and Drax. These two were charged with keeping the Time and Power gems safe as members of a team called the Infinity Watch. Which reminds me, if the leader of that team, Adam Warlock, ever appears or is mentioned in the upcoming films that will be another clue. There is also the fact that Marvel either has, or is still trying to get the film rights to Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Both play key roles in the Infinity Gauntlet story.

It takes an army to defeat Thanos. We have The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, a possible hint of the Nova Corps, and maybe Galactus. Do all roads lead to The Infinity Gauntlet?

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