Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SDCC Plan your attack Part 4

All the pain and annoyances are worth it if you have the means to attend. Funny things happen that you will not expect. For instance, Adam Savage from Mythbusters wandering around in a Ring Wraith costume, a member of the Supernatural cast going for a morning run past people in line waiting for panels and watching girls break their places in line and make a futile effort to run after him, people protesting Comic-Con...

Yeah, I forgot to mention that. So heads up, because if you attend Comic-Con, you are apparently a sinner and will go to hell unless you repent. So says the people who make their pilgrimage to SDCC to remind you of that fact. But nerds being the creative types and all, just take it in stride and have a little fun with it.

And speaking of fun, of course you get to see all the people who dress up.

You can even join them if you are so inclined. And no one will think you are weird.

Then there are other events such as The Nerd HQ, and hopefully another w00tstock that will be happening independent of the convention. The best time my wife and I had while at SDCC was outside the con at w00tstock. Point being, if you didn’t get a pass for every day, there are other things to do.

Now if you plan everything and don’t get passes, it’s not the end of the world. San Diego Comic Con happens every year. And look on the bright side, you saved your money. Money that you can use to live it up at another good, and probably not as commercial or expensive, convention. Or save it for next years Comic-Con. Or use it for something else. Just having saved money around is never a bad thing.

If you can’t make it this year, you can make it another year. One day you will make your pilgrimage and it will be a moment in you life you will never forget.

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