Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SDCC Plan your attack Part 2

How are you getting to San Diego? The obvious choice for a lot of people is to fly. But lets say those airline tickets are looking like a bit much. Then there is dealing with security, baggage fees, and just dealing with the whole airport experience in general. Have you ever considered going old school and doing the great American road trip? Takes longer, yes, but hear me out. What you spend on gas is pretty close to what you will pay for a single round trip ticket. Now, if it was just you, it doesn’t make much difference. But if it you and your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, and/or friend(s) traveling by air is gonna add up really quick. With a reliable car everyone can travel for the price of one and no baggage fees. Also, depending on the size of the car, truck, or SUV and the size of the group, you may be able to carry more stuff to and from SDCC. You can also plan your route ahead of time and work in some sight seeing. For example, my wife and I took in the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam last year. Make a vacation out of it.

No what to wear at the convention? It is a causal affair. But at the very least I’d invest in comfortable shoes. Because you will be standing in line.

A lot.

Like really a lot.

Standing for hours depending on what panel you want to get into. And sleeping outside if necessary for some panels like the Firefly anniversary panel last year. A water bottle and snacks can come in pretty handy too if you don't want to get out of line for over priced food.

Which bring up something to sit on. This couple we were inline with lat year had these great little collapsible chairs that folded up and stored in a backpack.

For this year I'm opting for something a little bigger with more seat room like this:

Some of you younger people out there may not be affected by all the standing, but my ankles were sore for a few days after I got home. I should also mention that awesome cosplay idea you are working on. You might want to work out the comfort level in to the equation. Heels may look good, but will they feel good after a whole day on your feet? You might also be sweating all day depending on what your costume is made of.  So breathable materiel might be a good idea if at all possible.

You will also want cash on hand. I remember only one ATM. Could be more but not many and I didn’t care to see the fee for using it. Taking a shot in the dark, but I'd guess the fee was pretty high. All the vendors take cash and I didn’t see any with credit card machines. Some might be able to take credit, but   why complicate things?

All this is supposed to be fun right?

Anyway, you got your passes, transportation, place to stay, and all your gear and cash.

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