Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SDCC Plan your attack Part 1

So you want to go to Comic-Con?

Are you prepared for the chaos? Are you ready for standing for hours? Do you really want to go to nerd Mecca? Presumably the answer is yes or else you would not be reading this. While it is pretty much to late to get passes for this year, you can plan for the next convention. So what to do? Let me tell you what worked for me.

Save money and make a budget. Figure out all the things you could possibly spend money on as best as you can and then round up a little. Comic-Con will cost you. As much of a pain as getting passes may be, those may be the least of your financial concerns. It can get expensive. Well, expensive for us normal people. And things will be easier to enjoy without having to worry about your monetary situation

So let’s say you got your passes. You need a way to get over there and you need a place to stay. First lets tackle your living accommodations. While there are several hotels that are going to have deals with the Con, that is going to be a whole new piece of tension and drama competing with others to get rooms. Not to mention how much extra you will be paying to be downtown and next to the convention center. Do some research and look for hotels next to or near the trolley line in San Diego and the surrounding communities. I'm not saying staying next door wouldn't be worth it, because it would be. But if you don't have the means or the time to get online and compete for those hotels, you do have other good options.

You can buy a trolley pass for 4 days and not have to worry about gas or cab fair. I used it last year and I was really happy with how it worked out. Plus the Imperial Transit Center, where all the lines meet, is a block away from the San Diego Convention Center.

You can find the trolley map, fares, and schedule at http://www.sdmts.com/trolley/trolley.asp

In case your curious, here is the link to the convention center: http://www.visitsandiego.com/

So that actually takes care of your transportation and accommodations while at Comic-Con.

Now how will you get there and what will you wear?

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