Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is it time for Kingdom Come?

With the success of The Avengers, DC is rightfully looking to attempt their own team film with the most legendary team of them all, the Justice League. But how to pull it off? There is the very good argument to use Marvel’s template. Each member of the League will have his and her own film, with each tying into one story that will bring the team all together. But first, you have to test the waters. A Justice League film will depend on the success of the new Superman film, Man of Steel. If that is successful, a new Batman film will probably be green lit and so on. But honestly, since the Justice League is loaded down with some seriously heavy hitters, you need a seriously huge conflict to bring them together. But at what point does it look like you are trying to copy the Avengers?

Perhaps DC should take a different route? The big three of DC, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Women, have been in the collective consciousness of pop culture for a long time. We knew them and their stories better than most Marvel characters for a long time. So do we need to start from the beginning and reintroduce them all? Or should we just introduce a world where they already exist? Either way, we need an epic story. So why not Kingdom Come? In a world going mad with super beings fighting each other without thought to the destruction around them, Superman leads a team with Wonder Woman and other original and more traditional heroes to rein in the irresponsible destruction. Batman heads his own team in an attempt to stop an all out war. It’s a gritty story created by Alex Ross and Mark Waid where we see these iconic heroes pushed to the edge and forced to make tough choices. Superman almost losing his love for humanity, an elderly Batman who uses technology to continue his crime fighting, and a Wonder Woman in full on warrior mode. We even get a huge battle royal at the end. It is a Lord Of The Rings scale story that would need at least two films to tell. But a successful trilogy could boost DC into direct competition with Marvel's movie universe. They could make a lot of money and we could get a lot of good entertainment. But would any studio be bold enough to try?

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