Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is the band getting back together?

If we can believe recent reports, Harrison Ford is coming back to be Han Solo. Now Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are in talks as well to return to our favorite galaxy far, far away. Could this be the Star Wars we have been waiting for? The prequel trilogy may or may not have lived up to the hype depending on what generation you were born into and on the individual person. But to have the original cast come back is something I am sure would make every fan curious and excited. Mark Hamill has said that he would not do it unless everyone came back. Everyone. Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, etc.

(SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has not read or heard of the books and comics)

But what kind of story would that be. Unfortunately the cast has gotten to old for the fantastic Heir To The Empire trilogy written by Timothy Zahn. Had I a time machine and any kind of influence, I would have made those books the next three Star Wars movies. But there is still an opportunity for a great film. Or more likely films. I have not followed the books for years, but there is plenty of cinematic material to be mined. Especially with the children of Han and Leia. All three becoming Jedi and one going to the Darkside. I’d also really like to see Hamill show us Luke as the older, wiser Jedi Master and Fisher become Leia, the Jedi Knight. Han will always be Han of course. Although Harrison Ford has been sticking to his guns about Han dying ever since Return of the Jedi. So would that happen? And what about Chewie? In the books Chewbacca died years ago saving the live of one of Han and Leia’s children. Will a new film even follow the books?

Everything right now would just be rumor and speculation. But the bigger question is still will J.J Abrams be able to give us a Star Wars that everyone will love? It will make money either way. But will we love it?

(UPDATE: Carrie Fisher says "yes", her rep says "no" she was "joking", but Lucas says yes about all three.)

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