Monday, January 7, 2013

Y: The Last Man should be a TV series

It’s a world nearly without men. And in the case of the last man, he might just be barley a man. Yorick is no hero. And even he asks how of all the millions of men that could have survived a man killing plague, how is it that he is the one to carry on the species? It’s not a superhero tale. Much like The Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man is about how people are trying to survive in a brave new world that no one was prepared for, least of all Yorick.
For a few years now, a film adaptation has been in development with various writers, directors, and actors being attached or rumored to be attached. But with such a huge story ark containing so many things that spans years, can a film or more likely, a series of films even hope to contain the tale? I suppose if you can have successful adaptations of The Lord of the Rings and now The Hobbit, it is possible. But are feature films the beast way to present the story? I’d be more interested in seeing Y take the same rout as The Walking Dead and find its way to TV. There are similarities. Both involve groups of people trying to survive in a world after it is ravaged by a plague. And both demonstrate that even when humanity is close to extinction, as long as some people survive, crazy will never go extinct. But neither will hope.

Y: The Last Man comes to us via Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC. It's the same publisher that brought us V For Vendetta and WatchmenEither way the comic comes to life, we have a real opportunity to see a female dominated story. Literally.  Yorick would be the only man in the entire series. And even though he is the title character, it’s through women around him that he is able to accomplish anything. But I’d still rather see it as a TV series. There are plenty of details that would likely be edited out of a feature film that would otherwise enrich a story on television. A man, his monkey, a lethal government agent, and a scientist on a road trip covering different continents may sound like an odd formula for a good story, but it does work. It is very good actually. Even Stephen King called it “The best graphic novel I’ve ever read.”  If the movie stays in perpetual development, maybe someone will try to take it to a network like AMC and give us another great TV show to obsess over. Not on HBO or Showtime hopefully. We already have a Game of Boobs. We don't need a Y: The Last... Never mind. You get the idea.

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