Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who will be your Doctor? Part 4

Final Candidates:
I am going to end this little series of articles with something that might cause a bit of conversation. That is if anyone bothers to read or comment for a change. Anyway… The list could be endless as there are a few actors who could handle the challenge of being funny, eccentric, and get a little dark as the next Doctor. But lets think outside the box here. Besides, this is all in fun. And here we go.

Now before you anti-Twilight segments have a heart attack and get to posting your anonymous rage, hear me out. I am not a fan of whatever those were that are considered movies and books. Vampires do not sparkle in my world. However, I have seen Pattinson in interviews and I kinda like the guy. No, not in the Twilight fan way. He has also had other roles that are non-sparkly vampire related. Remember, the guy was a Hufflepuff before he was a Cullen. And consider this, a person with his following might open up more broadcasters to putting Doctor Who on the air for more people to see. It’s great that BBC America exists. But not everyone gets that channel. Bottom line, he is a talented actor with a good sense of humor. And come on, you know it would be funny to see some sort of vampire and werewolf reference on the show.

Much like Pattinson, Radcliffe has a following that could raise the profile of Doctor Who in the United States. He also had a good sense of humor and has tackled a wide range of roles. I would be interested to see what he could do with the role. I’d also like to see what kinds of Potter references.

Considering his film career is taking off really well, it’s doubtful you could get him committed to a TV series. But in the future, who knows. He can handle drama, comedy, action, etc. Plus he is easier to defend as a choice than a guy who sparkles in the sun like diamonds. Seriously though, Garfield is another great young actor who could open up the world of Doctor Who to more people who don’t always get a chance to catch a great sci-fi series from the BBC.


  1. I think all would be awesome! would Andrew Garfield play the Doctor, when he played Frank in the episodes, Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks?

    1. You have a point. However, there is no specific rule that an actor can't become the Doctor after previously playing another character. Besides, the Doctor can never go back to that same time because he cannot cross his own timeline and therefore you will never have two Andrew Garfields on screen. Also, it would be kinda funny to see him see himself for the first time and say something like, "You look familiar." And then mention how he all of a sudden doesn't like spiders.