Friday, January 4, 2013

Who will be your Doctor? Part 3

Doctor Who
Female candidates:
Why not a woman? We are very used to seeing The Doctor as a man. He has been a he 11 times so far. And for some fans it is jarring enough to see another man jump in, it would be harder for a woman to take over and be accepted. But if any womon could, who? This was the hardest part of this list to figure out. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And please not just because “she is hot.”

Okay, maybe not a lot of you know her very well. If you had access to BBC and watched an excellent show called Luther with Idris Elba, you would know her. She portrays Alice Morgan, a highly intelligent cold blooded psycho killer. Well, she actually only kills her parents and a crooked cop on the show, but she can be quite funny in a charming/menacing kind of way.

From royalty to assassins, Helen Mirren has shown she can handle all kinds of rolls. And there is no rule that when the Doctor regenerates he has to be young. Or is there? No seriously, is there? Anyway, she can handle drama and comedy, so why not?

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