Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Who will be your Doctor? Part 1

It is inevitable that once an actor has been the Doctor for a few seasons, talk will begin as to who will be the next Doctor Who. There have been rumors of regeneration this season but the likelihood that Matt Smith will exit soon is pretty slim. And it’s not like there is a limit as to how long an actor’s tenure has to be on the series.

But in the interest of fun, let’s play along with the speculation. Who could be the next Doctor Who? There are plenty of actors and actresses who could do the job. So who could play the doctor? He biggest criteria would be person’s ability to handle comedy and drama while playing a character with a tortured past who acts with a light heart to mask the pain and anger. I am sure many fans will have many opinions and there may be some obvious candidates. No doubt some of my choices may already be on other lists. But hopefully I can throw something new out there.

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