Monday, January 28, 2013

The too short life of Doctor Donna.

Donna Noble is like many of us. She thought her life was mundane. Living with her mom and her grandfather, works as an office temp, Donna dreams of something more. And once, she was much more. Much, much more. But she does not remember. Nor can she ever remember. Once, she was a Time Lord.

Donna was different from the new generation of companions in that she was older, in her 30s, and there was never a romantic connection between the Doctor and her. She popped up in his life earlier in the series, but she became his companion at a time when he needed a friend more then anything else. And she became his best friend and arguably the best companion he ever had. There relationship could be described as something close to being brother and sister. They were a good team. He broadened her view of the universe and she kept him grounded.

Donna, the 30 something office temp became Donna the traveler of time and space. At the end of her run on the series, she became a Time Lord and the savior of the universe. She saved all of existence when even the doctor could not. In real terms, she even became greater then the Doctor and was the first Time Lord/Human hybrid. But it was her human side that would be her downfall. A human cannot handle the power and knowledge of a Time Lord. Her heart was willing, but her body would not survive. To save her life, the Doctor had to erase her memory and take away everything that she became or her mind would burn. Tearfully she pleaded that she did not want to go back. But he had no choice. She can never know about her life with the Doctor. Doctor Donna had to die so that Donna Noble could live.    

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