Friday, January 11, 2013

Breaking the 4th wall with Wade

Even though Wolverine left a bad taste in our mouths, there is still a desire to see a Deadpool movie. Hopefully one that will respect what we all love about Wade. Instead of, say, silencing a character that is known for and loved for his non-stop talking. So when will Wade Wilson get his moment on the big screen? Even Stan Lee has given Deadpool some love. So what is the hold up?

Well, first, the man most likely to play the Merc With a Mouth got booked to play The Green Lantern in three movies. Granted, three movies aren’t likely to happen at this point considering The Green Lantern didn’t go over very well. I thought it was pretty good, but it takes more than a few people to like movie to make a movie successful. Also, the movie that introduced Wade on the screen did not do well either. Then there was scheduling conflicts with Ryan Reynolds. Then it’s possible that two failed comic book movies with the same actor in it might cool some people to putting said actor in another flick. But as much as I'd like to think I have a handle on how Hollywood works, sometimes you can never tell what will make it into production and what won’t. With the next two X-Men related movies in the works, maybe Wade won’t be too far away. Oh, in case you don’t keep up with things, the two X-Movies are The Wolverine and X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past.

But on the off chance there is a window for Wade to make it back into the movies, and if Ryan Reynolds can’t find the time, there just may be another man who could bring Deadpool to life. Guy Pierce. Yes, you have seen him in a few movies, but why would I think he could be Wade? He was recently in a movie in which a lot of you didn’t see, Lockout. This is brilliant sci-fi action gem from Luc Besson. You know, the same guy who brought us movies like The Professional, The Fifth Element, and also recently, Colombiana.  But back to Guy Pierce. In Lockout, he played Snow, a wisecracking, badass, secret agent that talked way too much for his own good causing his mouth to get him into trouble, constantly.  Sound familiar? It’s just a thought. Wade’s face is supposed to be disfigured and scarred anyway so as long as he could play the part, anyone can be Deadpool.


Ryan Reynolds


Guy Pearce

So when do we get Deadpool the movie? Hopefully sooner than later. Oh, and check out Lockout. It’s pretty good.

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