Monday, January 14, 2013

A world without Wonder Woman

The worlds of fantasy and science fiction are mostly a male dominated area. Especially when it comes to television and movies. When we do find strong women, it is often in the supporting cast. Attempts to make a series or movie with a female lead don’t seem to have been taken as seriously. If anything, the character becomes more sexualized and not as competent. Take for example the Cat Woman movie featuring Halle Barry. Granted, the costume was not the only thing wrong with that movie, but it was a poor start. So where are the women like Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley? Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek have also brought us admirable women, but not leads. There was Captain Janeway, but even then, Voyager was ensemble cast.

We had a recent attempt to bring one of the most powerful and iconic female characters to life.

I still cringe.

Unfortunately the people behind the Wonder Women TV pilot failed to grasp what we desire. We want Wonder Women, Amazon warrior. Not someone running around in a barley fitting Halloween costume with a plotline that was overly complicated and apparently very weak. I am only speaking for what I have heard. The pilot was not good enough to even broadcast and I cannot bring myself to burn money on a copy that you can find at a convention. A Wonder Woman movie has been floating around as well, but nothing has come from it.
Of any character in comics, Princess Diana of Themyscria is currently the closest to having her own movie. But what kind of Wonder Woman will we get?

We've had this?

Maybe something serious like this?

Alex Ross version of Diana in the Kingdom Come miniseries is something to behold as well, but a good picture is difficult to find online. But you get the idea?

I hope whoever is given the green light to bring Wonder Woman to television or film will take this serious women seriously.

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