Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why we need to see more of Brandon Routh

Why we need to see more of Brandon Routh

I was originally going to title this with some sort of play on words of “A world without a Superman” but I couldn’t get it to work.

Anyway, my point is the guy needs more roles. The first time I saw him was in Superman Returns. Yes, it could have been better, but I thought he was excellent as Superman and as Clark Kent. It’s a shame the movie could not have been better because I believe he could have carried the franchise through at least one other movie.

His next role I saw was a bit of a surprise. He was the boyfriend of a gay porn star played by Justin Long in Zack And Miri Make a Porno. It was not much of a role, but I thought it was funny to see him go from superman to that and I had to give him credit for it. For me, his biggest impression was made in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I guess if you need someone to play a douchbag, vegan bass player with Superman type powers, why not get a guy who actually  played Superman. And Brandon Routh did it well. He was funny in the roll. To bad most people didn’t see the flick. A lot of people also didn’t see Dylan Dog in which he played a paranormal investigator and cop/intermediary of the various undead and monster factions. It was pretty good and could have been better had it a bigger budget. And he proved again that he can do action and comedy.

While I am sure there are other Brandon Routh projects out there that I have not seen, there is another recent one that I did see and not a lot of people gave a chance. In the recently canceled TV series, Partners, Routh played Wyatt, former Mennonite nurse love interest of Louis, who was brilliantly acted by Michael Urie. Where Urii was the sort of typical flamboyant gay man, Routh was the straight man. Straight as in serious. It was an interesting and I thought successful combination. They played off each other very well. Unfortunately CBS axed the series and all but denies it ever existed.

So the guy is no stranger to the geek word. He has actually read and collected comics. He is also a fan of and plays World Of Warcraft. He has also shown a knack for comedy and has the physique and talent to pull off action. He obviously isn’t to shy to play gay if the roll is good. So why have we not seen him in more? I have no clue. He surprised me a lot in the rolls he has chosen and in my view, they were good choices for him. But maybe that is the problem. His choices in rolls may not be typical enough for a leading man to warrant the kind of attention to get more starring rolls. Pure speculation of course. But I do think if he were given more chances to impress, he would impress a whole lot more people.

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